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Sabrina - Over-rated Town
Sabrina is a 2011 Na Hoku Hanohano Award nominated singer/songwriter. Coming from an unconventional childhood, her father a mariachi singer and mother a hula dancer, she stamps her personal experiences and musical innovations into her songs.

WATCH - Sabrina at the Venue
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"Overrated Town" - Sabrina: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Toni Woo: Bass / Elijah Oguma: Drums
Sing The Body - Close Your Eyes
Sing the Body, a name inspired by the great words of Walt Whitman are a blend of rock, folk and alternative music that has fused into a unique sound of their own. Taking a "less is more" attitude like artists such as The White Stripes and The Black Keys, this two member collective are addictive and write infectious grooves and lyrics.

WATCH - Sing The Body -
"Make it Up"
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"Close Your Eyes" - Zachary Shimizu: Vocals, Guitars / Elijah Oguma: Vocals, Drums, Percussion, MicroKorg, Piano
Disaster Kit - Two Waves
Formed in January 2008, Disaster Kit came together as the result of five UH Manoa students (four of them music majors) who had a little free time and way too many instruments at their disposal. Combining an eclectic mix of influences from Bright Eyes to Bach, they are a unique and memorable listening experience.

WATCH - Disaster Kit - "Last Month"
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"Two Waves" - Gabe Reyes-Gomes: Vocal, Rhythm Guitar / Kendal Ledesma: French Horn / Chris Mathakul: Lead Guitar
Alan Evans: Bass / Tijay Syn-Rodrigues: Drums
Matty and the Intire Project
- Blue Eyes
The Intire Project formed in 2010 when two brothers came together to jam. Since then the band has grown and their music has evolved at a record pace creating a sound that is reminiscent of Mumford and Sons meets Radiohead.

WATCH - "Jazz Minds"
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"Blue Eyes" - Matty McIntire: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Kilin Reece: Backing Vocal, Electric Guitar, Lap Steel / Tyler Mongan: Banjo
Ethan Jones:
Bass / Drew Henmi: Drums / Guest Musician: Shawn Livingston Moseley: Piano
Erika Elona - Smoke Signals
Erika started doing gigs in coffee shops and dive bars around Oahu when she was still in high school.  Since then she has drawn inspiration from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin, and Gavin DeGraw describing her voice as 'Jewel, Neko Case and Feist thrown into a blender'.

WATCH - Erika Elona - "Fans"
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"Smoke Signals" - Erika Elona: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Guest Musicians: Brandon Apeles: Bass / Mike Love: Electric Guitar
Shawn Livingston Moseley: Piano / Elijah Oguma: Drums
Rabbitt and the Propers
- Just The Way It Goes
Rabbitt and the Propers is a funky and grooving foursome that hails from the island of Maui. Fronted by Jessica, The Propers deliver original music with a unique smooth and soulful sound blending the likes of James Brown with Amy Winehouse.

WATCH - "The Opi Song"
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"Just The Way It Goes" - Jessica "Rabbitt" Lewis: Vocals / Kanoa Kukaua: Bass, Electric Guitar
Guest Musicians- Michael Casil: Drums / Tom Maumaud: Keys
Kelli Heath-Cruz - Closer
Kelli was raised on the ocean and her father's record collection. At 18 she traded in her longboard for a guitar, picked up a knack for ki ho 'alu, and spent the next few years rediscovering and writing original music in the style of Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison and The Rolling Stones.

WATCH - The Girlas - "Crazy Love"
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"Closer" - Kelli Heath-Cruz: Vocals, Guitar / Guest Musicians: Dave Cruz: Backing Vocals / Mike Love: Bass / Sam Ites: Drums
Johnny Helm - Master of Ceremonies
Born and raised in Hartford, CT, Johnny moved to Hawaii in 1996 and quickly became an influential cornerstone in the local budding alternative music scene. Johnny's voice is unmistakable, backed by a strong acoustic guitar and songwriting skills not unlike Tom Waits.

WATCH - Johnny Helm @ Level 4
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"Master Of Ceremonies" - Johnny Helm: Vocal, Guitar
Hollow Spheres - Lights
Formed in 2009 via a musicians "wanted" ad, Hollow Spheres began to write and arrange songs that were indebted to both the harmonies of rock and jazz, as well as the spirit of pop. Stylistically, "Lights" is reminiscent of the Alt Rock Pop group Maroon 5.

WATCH - The Hollow Spheres -
"Buying Pride"
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"Lights" - Sean Cleland: Vocal, Guitar / Aaron Loeser: Bass / Mike Nakamoto: Drums
Prevail - Brand New
In August 2009, Prevail was born into the scene through a battle of the bands at The Loft in Honolulu. Influences ranging from Thrice, Anberlin and Paramore, Prevail's new purpose is to write music that makes a difference while also showing who they are and what they stand for.

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"Brand New" - Janessa Marcos: Vocals / Jamey Ryan Marcos: Drums / Brian Cadacio: Bass
Christaline Gerstenberger:
Guitar / Jordan Mamiya: Guitar
Mantra - Misguided Adoration
Self proclaimed music nerds, Mantra is an alternative hard rock quartet, reminiscent of the grungy aesthetics of the Foo Fighters, sprinkled in with the alternative prowless of Incubus and the compositional talent of Tool. The term 'quartet' refers to the band's mutual studies in classical music in college, which remains an integral part of their style.

WATCH - Mantra @ Station Hawaii
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"Misguided Adoration" - Jason Nomura: Vocal, Rhythm Guitar / Matthew McPhereson: Lead Guitar
Matthew Cody Love: Bass, Backing Vocal / Mark Lindberg: Drums
Owaila - Walk Away
Hailing from the inspiring isle of Maui, Owaila is a hard-driving, alt metal quartet merging the melodic wits and gifts of proficient and progressive songwriting and dynamic playing.

WATCH - Owaila - "Stars"
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"Walk Away" - Kanoa Kukaua: Vocal, Bass / Chad Kaya: Guitar / Ryan Rego: Guitar / Tavi Tenari: Drums
Sex Puppet - My Chevelle
Sex Puppet has been rocking' Hawaii's music scene for more than two years now, building a reputation of putting on eccentric shows yet keeping the performance alive with the vital spirit of the artist and musician.

WATCH - Sex Puppet -
"Summertime/My Chevelle"
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"My Chevelle" - Makke Farley: Vocals / Ken Lykes: Guitar / Neal Chin: Guitar / Taisuke Tanaka: Bass / Marshall Machado: Drums
Kevin Jones - The System
Singer, songwriter and bandleader Kevin Jones has been an active force in Hawaii's vibrant rock music scene for many years now. Lead singer for local bands Resistor and Elephant, Kevin is also a DJ for Star 101.9FM and manages the Road Runner Music Hall when he's not rocking the stage.

WATCH - Kevin Jones -
"The System"
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"The System" - Kevin Jones: Vocals, Guitar / Guest Musicians- Kanoa Kukaua: Bass / Seann Carroll: Drums
Shawn Livingston Moseley: Piano
After Ever After- Falling
Formed in the winter of 2010, After Ever After is an alternative indie rock band from central and west 'Oahu. They approach their music with a positive and lively rock feel with catchy songs that you can remember.

WATCH - After Ever After -
"Fair-weather Friend
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"Falling" - Amanda Frazier: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Andrew Frazier: Bass, Backing Vocal / Chaz Umamoto: Electric Guitar
Lopaka Holmberg: Keys / John Jarman: Drums
Mano Kane - Summertime
Mano Kane formed in 2010 in Honolulu. They bring a fresh perspective to the local music scene with their unique blend of rock, surf and doo-wop influences.

WATCH - Mano Kane @ The Starline
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"Summertime" - Chris Chorney: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Bass / Ed Miranti: Backing Vocal, Guitar
Kalani Puana: Backing Vocal, Lead Guitar / Jack Tawil: Drums
Saving Cadence - Got Nuthin' But Love
Saving Cadence is a six year young pop trio comprised of twin brother transplants from California that now reside in Kailua and write their pop/reggae/rock compositions with their Hawaii born bassist from Kapolei.

WATCH - Saving Cadence -
"Shine On Shine On
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"Got Nothing But Love" - Taylor Fite: Lead Vocal, Drums / Jordan Fite: Backing Vocal, Guitar / Glenn Molina: Bass
Mike Love - Penniless
Born a musician, Mike makes music with as many positive people as he can, including his band Dubkonscious, Paula Fuga, Tavana, Father Psalms and more. Capable of writing more versus than Warren Zevon, those who know him only as a reggae artist will be delighted to know there is so much more to this alternative artist.

WATCH - Mike Love - "Penniless"
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"Penniless" - Mike Love: Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Vocal Delay / Guest Musicians - Jon Hawes: Bass / Sam Ites: Drums
Photo Credits: Toni Woo, Susie McClair,, J.T Gray, Sean Michael Hower, Don Lane,
Eric Alcantara, Joanne S.C. Sheng, The Bands, 'Aumakua Records