Amanda Frazier: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Andrew Frazier: Bass, Backing Vocal /
Chaz Umamoto: Electric Guitar / Lopaka Holmberg: Keys / John Jarman: Drums

Running in circles, making up lies
I never thought that I would make it out alive
Crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s 
Here’s to hoping that I finally get it right

And I never knew that it would be so hard
Falling in love completely threw me off guard
And I never thought that you would be The One

You take me on a ride
I never wanna get off
We go up and upside down
Guess this is falling in love

You’re driving me crazy but I’m not upset
All along I thought that I knew myself best
At times it feels wrong and at times it seems right

I’m starting to think that I need you in my life