ERIKA ELONA "Smoke Signals"
Erika Elona: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar /
Guest Musicians: Brandon Apeles: Bass / Mike Love: Electric Guitar
Shawn Livingston Moseley: Piano / Elijah Oguma: Drums

Some people say 'True love waits'
Well, I think that sounds alright but they must be crazy
I'm not saying that I disagree
But some days I wonder darling, if you'd ever wait for me
Some people say 'Just give it time'
But Lord I've been trying and trying and you still ain't mine
I spend all of my empty nights just wondering what I'm gonna do
I'd do almost anything darling, If I thought I could get through to you
It feels like I'm sending you smoke signals in the rain
And I keep on waiting for the answers but they never came
Oh I feel like I'm sending you smoke signals in the rain
No matter how hard I cry you're gonna leave me just the same
I breathe for you, I bleed for you
I just need you here
Cause I've been waiting so long
For a day my rainy skies will clear
I tell everyone I see that there ain't nothing wrong
Oh, but without you in my life how do you expect me to go on?