PREVAIL "Brand New"
Vanessa Marcos: Vocals / Jamey Ryan Marcos: Drums / Brian Cadacio: Bass
Christaline Gerstenberger: Guitar / Jordan Mamiya: Guitar

1st Verse

We’ve made the same mistakes they’ve come and gone the same
What make’s this time different, It’s finally making sense
Of what my life is worth, your everything I’m worth
Your love just covers me, wraps me so carefully

2nd Verse

I know I’ve said this before, but my heart has changed
Everything inside me say’s your worth my fate
I’m shocked by your reaction, you’ve shown me nothing but love
After everything I’ve done you said I’m worth it all


I’m finally waking up, this nightmare is finally over
You came and lifted me up, mistakes erased forever

3rd Verse

I’ve finally realized, your all I need tonight
what makes this time so real, it’s your love I feel
Your love is everything, holds me and makes me clean
Wake me from my dream, come and rescue me