"Just the Way it Goes"
Jessica "Rabbitt" Lewis: Vocals / Kanoa Kukaua: Bass, Electric Guitar
Guest Musicians- Michael Casil: Drums / Tom Maumaud: Keys

I don't care what they say,
I'm not scared of anything that might come our way.
They need to understand that our love is here to stay
And they don't have to agree,
But you're more than welcome to walk away.
You can close your eyes,
When ya see us walking by.
I know you despise; the love we share is so divine.
Enjoying the ride and you don't have to get on,
But could you please move to the end of the line.
I can understand why you're mad.
Is it 'cause I've got something that you'll never have.
You're wasting so much time tryin' to bring us down.
Oh, girl, don't ya know what goes around comes around.
You can try with all your might and never win.
Accept the truth and move on, 'cause I'm in love with him.
You don't need to tell the world, everybody knows.
Not better than you, better for him
And that's the way it goes.
...That's just the way it goes (3x)...
Not like I stole him from her -
You have to be committed first in order to work.
If you knew the story going on behind the closed doors,
You wouldn't be biased,
But you're caught up in a one-sided war.
Sorry 'bout the way you feel...
You don't wanna listen, but let's be real -
Your hearts gonna take some time to truly heal.
Don't take it out on me,
I'm just the middle man of a sour deal.
I know how bad you wanna beat me down.
And I heard people saying that I'm just a rebound.
I know the truth in the lies, I know the truth in his heart.
I know you're gonna try to tear us apart.
So you can try with all your might and never give up.
If you must, keep talking shit - I wish you all the luck.
You can call me a bitch, let everybody know.
He's happier with me,
And that's the way it goes.
...That's just the way it goes (3x)...
All your shit talk is weighing on his heart.
Think you just might win.
Thanks to you all, for tearing us apart, before we even begin.
You just couldn't be happy for us,
You couldn't let what might be, be.
Really though, who the fuck am I kidding -
He's in love with me.
...That's just the way it goes...