SEX PUPPET "My Chevelle"
Makke Farley: Vocals / Ken Lykes: Guitar / Neal Chin: Guitar
Taisuke Tanaka: Bass / Marshall Machado: Drums

I’ve been sitting up in my '67 chevelle
The blown 454 will make your shifter swell
Painted primer black, the damn car's a tell
With a 9-mil strapped underneath the tire well
(rev her out, she'll give you hell)

My chevelle this car is so amazing
Third stage strip-down in this baby
The posi tries to buck and sway,
This fucking muscle car is so insane

No sleeper here, reverse cowl on the hood
Change the panels, carbon-fiber shit is lighter than wood
Engine blown, hydraulic Holleys fittin forged, over-bored pistons
Engine spittin fire, where your sittin you'll be shittin
And its fitting, I’m goin faster than you ever could, and now I’m fast approaching my Godhood.
Tell my next of kin
That I went all in
And that I had a smile when I hit those bins
(by the way kids, she took the win)


My chevelle X4

Solo sections

Listen here, this is a story about a girl and her car
She needed speed, it needed high octane, and they went far
It was apparent to the other drivers she was on par,
Winning races round the world, she was a shooting star.
But its always true what goes up must come down,
She took a hill, lost traction and spun around
Crested the hill, front end impacted the ground...
The sound was unearthly, I needn't expound.

Ooh ooh ooh

My chevelle, flat black, grey racing stripes
But now we both might die tonight
But now my baby aint doin so well,

my chevelle!
my chevelle!
my che-velllllllllleeee!