In the summer of 2011 an idea from a discussion to illuminate the growing underground Alternative Music scene in Hawaii became a reality. Pulling from the talents of local musicians and artists across the Hawaiian Islands, Alternative HI was born and the record put into motion.

Eighteen songs later, every track averaged 30 hours when the pre-production, production, recording, practice, mixing and mastering was complete. Now do the math…. 18 songs, 30 hours each, that's 540 hours; 540 hours completed in less than 3 months from the record's inception.

On behalf of the producers of the record and the 64 artist/musicians and personalities who brought it to life, we are pleased to give the most slamming collective snapshot of the underground scene in Hawaii to date.

- Shawn Livingston Moseley, 'Aumakua Records

Shawn’s first adventure into the record business was splicing tape with his teeth from his Father’s 8 track rock collection when he was 1.  Credited as a child prodigy, he competed nationally as a classical pianist and performed works from Beethoven, Debussy, Chopin and Liszt.  Consistently winning  over pianists’ getting their masters at Ivy League music school, it was not the win that thrilled Shawn, rather walking the halls during practice wearing his favorite Metallica and Pink Floyd gear while the others walked around awkward in their penguin suits. 

During his high school years at Punahou Shawn with friend Bryce Meyers started  Dread Ashanti, the first internationally known reggae band from Hawai‘i.  Leaving in ’92 to obtain his bachelors in music production, engineering and songwriting at Berklee College of Music, he continued in the music industry sharing the studio and stage with iconic act’s including Metallica, Elliot Smith, Dave Matthews and Jeff Buckley throughout the United States. Eventually parting from Major label work Shawn opened his first studio called Witch Doctor Recording in Salem MA., next door to Witchcraft high priestess Laurie Cabot.   There he used his years of record experience and local magic supporting the Alternative scene with bands Converge, Pilot to Gunner and many others that are now international touring recording artist.  

Shawn returned home to He’eia in 2006 and created his label ‘Aumakua Records and opened his studio Soul Sound 2008.  3 quick years later, 30 plus records made, multiple Na Hokuhanohano nominations/awards and a controversial Grammy nomination as well, Shawn paired up with Brandon Apeles in the summer of 2011 to begin working on Alternative HI, the best audio snapshot of a local alternative scene in this decade.  

Brandon Apeles, an Ewa Beach native started going to live music shows before carding was mandatory. It was there he found his first love, music. At 19, still too young for 21 and older concerts, he managed Guy Cruz, later working with Fiji, Anuhea and BAMP Project.

In 2009 he declined tour managing Amos Lee to keep his focus where his first love was found, Hawaii.

Now managing top innovative Alternative artists Sing The Body, Erika Elona, The Intire Project and others, If he's not at a show in the scene, he's in the studio making their records.