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Aia I Hi'ialo


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Aia I Hi`ialo is the long awaited debut CD by Hi`ikua, which features 6 original songs as well as traditional favorites.

In a culture that honors the legacies of the past, this Hawaiian trio of talented musicians pays homage to their roots while creating a unique and progressive sound that leaves their mark in contemporary Hawaiian music.

This worldview is the essence of Hiikua’s music, which is either composed or performed by Kalehua Krug, Kamuela Kimokeo and Blake Leoki-Haili. The group’s name derives from the Hawaiian word that literally means “to carry on one’s back.” Hi`ikua accepts this responsibility and intends with each song to achieve that goal: to speak of their history in words and music; to enjoy each moment of that expression, and in sharing this with you, to hope that their message will find its way into the future.

The music on Aia I Hi`ialo reflects the fond memories of Hi`ikua’s parents and grandparents, the things that they taught, and the messages that they shared. These memories are often the source of inspiration for mele that are written to help remember important life lessons.

1. Ka`ena Medley
2. Tutu Aloha
3. He Aloha No `O Halawa
4. Ka Pili Oha
5. Mo Ke Ki La Ola!
6. Pualeilani
7. Ku Mai Ka Hali`a
8. Maunaloa Slack Key Live
9. A Little Bit of Sweetness
10. Noho Paipai
11. Ku`u Hoa Hi`ikua
12. No Ku‘uipo Nei Aloha

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