Natalie Ai Kamauu’s New Single!

Shower Tree Cover_FINALNatalie Ai Kamauu’s new album is Shower Tree, now available on iTunes! Her full album, “La La La La” is coming soon!

Shower Tree is a beautiful song that celebrates Natalie’s son’s favorite tree. Here is the story as she tells it:

“In 2010, after releasing 2 CD’s, my son Chaz asked, ‘Mom, when are you going to write me a song?’ I asked him what his favorite flower was and without hesitation he said, ‘The Shower Tree.’ For the life of me, I could not write a song based on the shower tree. Instead, I composed ‘Ku`u Pua Pakalana’, pakalana being my favorite flower.

I’ve told this story numerous times, and it peaked the interest of fellow musician Kihei Nahale`a. He wrote this for me, coming to my rescue. He honors our family and where we live…in beautiful Ewa, where the shower trees bloom profusely during spring time.”