Aia I Hi’ialo

Aia-I-Hiialo-cover Aia I Hi’ialo the long awaited debut CD by Hi’ikua featuring 6 original songs and traditional favorites, is set for release in 2011.

“E hi’ikua mai a…e hi’ialo aku.” This was a phrase heard on occasion from an elder to a young one simply saying, “Come, carry me on your back (learn my ways) and soon you will be able to carry me in your arms (take my knowledge forward).”

Many of us have fond memories of our parents and grandparents, the things that they have taught us and the messages that they shared. These memories are often the source of inspiration for mele that are written to help us remember important life lessons.

In this collection of mele, you will be reminded of the story of Kalapana and his intellect in riddles which helped him defeat a tyrannical chief. You will also hear songs that help us understand the significance of our three piko, one that brings knowledge from those of the past, one that shares love from those of the present and one that links us to our kamali’i who will brave the future and continue our stories. As you listen to the sweet yet stirring falsetto voices of this trio, Hi’ikua, consisting of Kalehua Krug, Kamuela Kimokeo and Blake Leoiki-Haili, remember the influences of your ohana and realize that you have “blossomed in their footsteps” and you are ready to carry and pass on what you have learned.