E Hula Mai Kakou

e_hula_mai_kakou_import-na_leo-3853738-frnt“Musically gifted, well blended, and pleasing to the ear, three voices, one sound bring together the warmth of the sun…”Na Leo Pilimehana” known today simply as, NA LEO! In a first time effort of a Hawaiian and Hapa Haole recording, these three native beauties now entreat us, the listener, to exquisite vocal blends and rich harmonies.

The songs were composed by natives of the soil, of incidents in their lives, making this musical presentation, Hawaiian. The singer’s excellent harmonies shared with the listener, extends their natural warmth.

From the definite up beat rendition of “Don McDiarmid’s “Do the Hula”, to John “Squeeze” Kamana’s enchanting “Pua Mae’ole”, this, is all hula. Add to the collection several new compositions and you have a winner!

Then if that’s not enough add the Kahauanu Lake and Maddy Lam composition, “Misty Rains and Lehua”, with the sophisticated ukulele playing and chord progressions of Walter Kawai’ae’a (Kahauanu Lake’s hanai son), creating a beautiful blend with soloist, Lehua Kalima.

So if you’re just listening or wanting to hula; Eo e Hawai’i….E Hula Mai Kakou!” -Kahaunau Lake