natalie_ai_kamauu-eOne of Hawaii’s best kept secrets, Natalie Ai Kamauu, proves she is no stranger to Hawaiian music. Natalie started turning heads when she was just a teenager, singing alongside her father, Howard Ai, for Halau Hula Olana. It wasn’t long before Natalie began stealing the show. Although she garnered the coveted title Miss Aloha Hula, it was her angelic voice that really caught people’s attention. Many among the hula community and Hawaiian music fans are proclaiming, “Finally!” Natalie Ai Kamauu’s first solo release “‘E,” has arrived. A true labor of love, with husband, Iolani, on vocals and instrumentation, “‘E” is a perfect, genuine debut for this stellar vocalist. Even more impressive, she’s a songwriter. Natalie’s voice dances playfully and soars effortlessly, weaving in and out of the guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano. It’s a voice that penetrates straight to the heart and moves the soul. Produced by Na Hoku Hanohano Award winning producer Dave Tucciarone, “‘E” seamlessly captures a little bit of sass, and a whole lot of heart. Already a sought after performer, “‘E” is sure to secure her place among Hawaii’s most beloved female artists. At the very first note, Natalie will command your attention, just as she always has.