haa_coverdraft-1_smallerNā Palapalai’s highly anticipated new album, Ha’a!

2012 brings us to our newest release, HA’A. It is a tribute to our fans whom have somehow, Mahalo Ke Akua, become a Hawaiian music army, worldwide. Your unwavering support humbles us every day. We also dedicate this to all the hula dancers around the world, in countries we could have never dreamed of. It is for you that we sing.

We Aloha you all. The shy, keiki hula, the serious competition hula dancers, the ones who kaholo when they clean their hale. It is for you that we sing.

If you Kalākaua in the shower, we bid Aloha to you. Mahalo to the Aunties dancing hula in the front row with a beer in one hand and smoke meat in the other. It is for you that we sing.

We most humbly offer you, HA‘A. Now get up and dance.

–Nā Palapalai 2012

Kuana Torres Kahele & Ioane Burns