Hānau hou

hanau-houSome of the most successful music to come out of Hawaii in recent times has been that of Hawaiian Style Band, founded by Wade Cambern and Bryan Kessler. With mega hits such as “Live A Little (Hawaiian Style)”, “Love & Honesty” and “Let’s Talk Story”, Hawaiian Style Band shaped the music landscape of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Style Band was founded with the idea that over the years it would evolve with different members contributing to the success of the band as they develop their individual artistry–among them Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole, Fiji, and Robi Kahakalau. This project marks the beginning of the band’s latest evolution with co-producer and drummer Garin Poliahu and vocalist Tani Lynn joining original member Wade Cambern. Eleven tunes including eight original Wade Cambern songs create a new sound for Hawaiian Style Band. Enjoy!