Hawaiian Man

HawaiianMan72Hawaiian Man brand new from Brother Noland The traditional Hawaiian album you’ve been waiting for! Hawaiian Man redefines Brother Noland, yet again. This time, his creativity takes him to a more traditional Hawaiian vein that strikes a chord with young and old, local and visitor to his island paradise. It is the root of all the music that has evolved in his successful career. Brother Noland has shaped contemporary music in Hawai‘i with his innovative songwriting and a performance style. Some of his most critically acclaimed songs have launched new genres. “Coconut Girl” gave Noland the title “Father of Jawaiian Music.” His performance and songwriting are an integral part of the creative journey. His back-to-basics repertoire on Hawaiian Man is enhanced by his evolution of style. You can hear his maturity, wisdom and confidence. Mountain Apple Company is pleased to have cultivated Brother Noland’s growth as an artist over the years. His journey of artist, songwriter, author, teacher and cultural treasure is reflected in the music you are about to hear.