Ka Lehua ‘Ula

ka_lehua_ula_webI am so happy to present this album to you! I’ve had such a wonderful time working on it and now I finally get to share it with you all! Every recording I have done has been a steppingstone, a path leading me to where I am today. From my first recording entitled “Hawaiian Man” to “Spread A Little Aloha” with the guys from THE MANA’O COMPANY, and then “Queen’s Jubilee” with the guys from TAPA GROOVE have all been special moments in time culminating into this album entitled “KA LEHUA ‘ULA”!

Inspirations? There are many. Challenges? Many of those too, but no matter what, never ever give-up on your dreams! Music has certainly grown to become my life’s passion and I truly feel blessed to be able to do what I love. it has given me the opportunity to meet new people, travel the world and to experience new ideas, which in my opinion is what life is all about. I think you’ll agree that anywhere you go in this world you’ll fine there’s a story to be told, a song to be sung and a lesson to be learned. The sum of these life experiences helps to create our charater. It implies we are all a product of our environment. If so, then I certainly stand upon the shoulders of giants. it’s what I do, it’s who I am. I am a music maker!

Therefore, as you listen to my music, I invite you to open your heart and open your mind. Let the melody carry you to a place where the sun shines warmly on you face. There….in the distance – can you see it? The perfect lehua blossom awaits you.