Nā Pua Mōhala

Nā Pua Mōhala Nā Pua Mōhala. The seeds of Hawaiian culture, music, and hula have been sown across the world and after years of careful tending, we are now experiencing the blossoming of those buds as Hawaiian music and arts gain global popularity, A shining example of this cultivation is the exponential growth of hula and Hawaiian music in Japan. The appreciation that the Japanese have shown for Hawaiian music and hula has grown such that there are hundreds of Japanese Hawaiian music bands and more hula dancers per capita than anywhere in the world!

In 2012, the Japanese Hawaiian music band, Kaulana with their album, “‘Ohana”, became the only international group in history to win a coveted Na Hoku Hanohano award. Two years later, they’ve collaborated with multi Na Hoku Hanohano award winners, Kupaoa on this unique, first-of-its-kind project. This collection of 12 original Hawaiian songs include the title track, Nā Pua Mōhala, a Hawaiian translation of the beloved Japanese anthem, Hana Wa Saku, and a new Hawaiian translation of the international favorite, Sukiyaki.