kolohe_kai_paradise_under_350kThe name Kolohe Kai is more than just a group of individuals; it’s a culture and a lifestyle. In Hawaiian, the meaning of Kolohe Kai translates to “Rascal Waters”. As a surfer boy in Hawaii, Roman De Peralta, the founder, lead singer, and songwriter of Kolohe Kai found his inspiration from the ocean. After a 2 year voyage exploring other beautiful experiences in life and always staying connected with the ocean, he has returned with his third Kolohe Kai album, entitled Paradise.

From songs about surfing and island life, to love and heartbreak, Kolohe Kai’s thrid album undoubtedly has proven to be their most meaningful and unique project thus far. Talented producers and engineers, Kapena De Lima and Imua Garza teamed up with Roman De Peralta to bring this new album to life. It embraced the aloha and positive energy that Kolohe Kai’s music has always been known for. With their signature pop and reggae influence, Kolohe Kai continues to share uplifting vibes worldwide. What started as a band, continues on as a people. Kohole Kai invites you to grab your boards and run, run, run, as we surf this wave into Paradise.