VolcanoScapes… Dancing with the Goddess

VolcanoScapes“VolcanoScapes… Dancing with the Goddess”

“Dancing with the Goddess” is an odyssey of sight and sound that takes us into the lives of those intimate with Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes.

Dancing with the Goddess takes us into a new world of respect, wisdom and awe for one of the most amazing creations anywhere…. The birth of the earth! Emmy Award Winner, Mick Kalber has been documenting the current eruption of Kilauea Volcano since it roared to life in the mid-1980s. This two-hour epic takes viewers through thirty years of Kalber’s amazing volcanography. It’s the untold beauty of the world’s most active volcano… experienced through the eyes and voices of those who are most intimate with the Goddess, Pele.

Make discoveries with USGS scientist, Mike Poland at the “off-limits” ash eruption of Halemaumau… listen to “Pele’s Song” with UH infrasound scientist Milton Garcés… explore the poetry of Kim Dark… witness the amazing re-creation of Pele’s flows by glass artist, Daniel Moe… ride the ocean waves to the ocean entry with boat captain Shane Turpin… collect volcanic images with world-famous photographer, G Brad Lewis… and dive below to see and hear underwater pillow lava captured by diver/photographer, Mike May… and soar above blistering lava flows with helicopter pilot, Cal Dorn. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!