Yesterday and Today Volume 2

yesterday-and-today-v2The Sons of Hawaii music spans generations with strong rhythm, lyrics and emotion … the heartbeat of Hawaiian sound. From the traditional spirit of songs recorded yesterday to new arrangements and recordings of today, Eddie Kamae and The Sons of Hawaii’s new CD Yesterday & Today Volume 2 is a musical journey to savor. Yesterday’s Sons of Hawai‘i, with leader Eddie Kamae and his exciting ukulele rhythm and distinctive singing voice, brought the group together with gifted composer, guitarist, and vocalist Dennis Kamakahi, bass and vocals by Joe Marshall and the steel guitar of David “Feet” Rogers. Eddie Kamae and Today’s Sons continue to play traditional Hawaiian music with Mike Kaawa’s innovative 12-string rhythm guitar that heightens the sound along with Analu Aina’s bass, Ocean Kaowili’s 6-string guitar and Paul Kim’s steel guitar, bringing back the unmistakable sound of the original Sons.