Brittni Paiva

bio-brittniAt 25 years of age, Brittni Paiva is a multi award-winning instrumentalist is known for her stunning articulation of what she can do with the ukulele going from slow and moving, to rapid-fire, classical-ballet, ancient Japan, translating forms of jazz, world beat, pop, Flamenco and Latin, and can transform these genres through her ukulele.

Brittni and her ukulele are a brilliant match: both are humble in nature, small in size, but surprisingly powerful when they come together. Brittni and the `ukulele have gained international notoriety, no longer confined by stereotypes about the instrument. There’s a global resurgence in the instrument’s popularity and she is excited to be a part of the trend.

Releasing her 5th CD, which also won two Hoku awards this year with the legendary Grammy winner Tom Scott — who personally requested to play with her at a concert last year — believes Paiva is the real deal, because of her ability to play all kinds of music without losing her identity while conveying emotion to whatever piece she performs. “She plays it like a guitar, giving her a wide range of possibilities. She adapts tunes to this instrument, and makes them sound full and rich. She’s doing a great job and has a great future…She’s got a really unique voice in music,” he raved.

Brittni is not only proficient with the Ukulele, but also the guitar, electric bass, piano, and drums and she invests her entire heart and soul into each piece of music. “Brittni brings a whole new spirit to music and to the instrument: pop sensibilities in a smooth jazz format,” says John Schroeter, music producer and author of Between the Strings: The Secret Lives of Guitars. “It’s got a new kind of energy—it’s infectious.”