Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii

eddie_kamaeEddie Kamae was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1927 and has spent all of his life in the Hawaiian Islands. Although Eddie did not graduate from high school, he has gone on to distinguish himself as a singer, a musician, a composer, and more recently, as a filmmaker. He has been a key figure in the Hawaiian cultural renaissance, which found one of its earliest and strongest voices in The Sons of Hawai‘i, the charismatic band formed in the 1960s by Kamae and the legendary singer and guitar virtuoso, Gabby Pahinui. This band became known for the authenticity of its feeling and choice of songs, many of which were a result of Kamae’s research into the archives of long-neglected melodies and lyrics. He is recognized as the first well-known performer to systematically seek out the sources and origins of traditional Hawaiian music.