Genoa Keawe

2000GenoaKeaweGenoa has recorded over 20 albums (33 & 78rpm) & approximately 150 singles (45rpm) which includes recordings with 49th State Records featuring her group Genoa Keawe and Her Hawaiians. She also recorded on other record labels such as Hula Records and Poki Records. In 1969, her own recording company was formed–Genoa Keawe Records, Inc. The Helsley’s were visiting the islands from California and stayed at the Halekulani Cottages. Her friendship with Mr. & Mrs. Philip Helsley grew and they initiated the necessary documents to form a mutual business relationship. Genoa worked very hard as the producer, the artist, promoter and distributor of her own recordings. You will not find a person of this sort in today’s music business climate. Today her record label continues with her as President of the business. Genoa Keawe Records, Inc discography are distributed by Pa Leo LLC. Her son Eric is her agent and manager today. Genoa continues to promote her music with her live performance at the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort. Other artists recorded on her label are Peter Ahia, Kealoha Kalama, Joe Keawe, Jerry Waialae, Myra English, her cousin Andy Cummings, Joe Paoa and her sons–Gary, Edward and Sam.