Jimmy Borges

iINSIDE LEFT Jimmy Borges_455281Song and dance men are often thought of as a product of a bygone era; Jimmy Borges proves them wrong. Jimmy is an entertainer who has spent a lifetime in music, and still finds the time to act on Emmy winning TV shows and film.

Ageless, is his first foray in to the world of modern recording. It’s hard to believe that a man who has performed at such legendary venues like the Fairmont and Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco, The Latin Quarter in NYC, The Schubert in Boston, Harrahs in Reno and Tahoe, the Dunes in Vegas and the Copacabana Palace in Rio De Janeiro (to name a few) hasn’t been in the studio for literally decades, but it’s true.

Jimmy’s singing began in the first grade on the city bus system in Honolulu. He had a crush on a young girl named Geraldine Phillips; they took the bus to their respective schools (St. Louis for Jimmy and Sacred Hearts for Geraldine). He sang to her every day to get her attention. He didn’t know it then, but that would lead to a lifetime career in music.

Fast-forward a dozen years and Jimmy is attending San Francisco State University. His girlfriend at that point in his life, Ann Richards, was also in college and singing on the side in the Stan Kenton Orchestra. She loved Jimmy’s voice and encouraged him to give up football for singing. Johnny Mathis As soon as he started singing for audiences – at any dive bar who would hire him – he realized that this was all he wanted to do. He just wanted to get paid for singing!

He took any and every job he could and The Interlude Bar on Geary Street in San Francisco hired him even though he didn’t have a band. They contracted the Montgomery Brothers as his backing band featuring Wes Montgomery. Wes is widely considered one of the major jazz guitarists in US History.

A few years later Matson Lines gives Jimmy the opportunity to get back to Hawaii on it’s crossings from California to Hawaii.   His first cruise on Matson has him opening for George Gobel, the iconic comedian. His next cruise had him opening for Sarah Vaughn. By his third cruise to the islands, he was co headliner with Mavis Rivers. Some might call this luck, but Jimmy doesn’t accept the concept of luck….he says he was willing to do anything to get paid for singing. It never occurred to him that he might fail along the way.

The songs on his first CD represent the great American songbook.   Popular culture is once again embracing this music and it’s being introduced to a young and vibrant audience.   The music will appeal to this new generation of music fan as well as the seasoned listener from all walks of life.