Leokane Pryor

IMG_2761-resizedPryor made his debut into the Hawaiian music world in 2000 with the success of his first CD release, Maunahele. Accompanied by his performance group Pöhai Kealoha, Pryor gained great popularity delighting audiences with his angelic falsetto vocals throughout the West Coast and Hawai’i.

His first CD received wide radio play in Hawai’i, the mainland and abroad. Born and raised in Manoa Valley on the island of O‘ahu, Pryor made his home in California for nearly 20 years before finally returning to his native Hawai‘i in 2004. Pryor has strong family roots in Kipahulu, a remote area near Hana. Fond childhood memories of times spent in Kipahulu– like an alluring fragrance- called him back to Häna- a place he now calls home.

Home Malanai tells the musical tale of Pryor’s journey back home. Since 2004, Pryor has performed nearly exclusively in Hana, Maui. With the release of Home Malanai, Leokane Pryor emerges to share his story and the beauty of his home in Hana.