Teresa Bright

teresabrightpressphotoTeresa Bright is a consummate artist whose music is often framed in visual terms. The albums Self Portrait and Painted Tradition derive their inspiration from the world of art, and her more recent, Lei Ana, depicts her music within a frame. In another, Ka Pilina, a collage of photos portrays the relationships of the songs. Thus a gallery, a retrospective of her music from the past decade, is both musically and visually a wonderful exhibit. The award-winning vocalist is universally recognized as one of Hawai’i top singers. The Hawai’i Academy of Recording Arts has awarded her its top Female Vocalist of the Year honor. Bright has recorded many albums including Self Portrait, Painted Tradition, A Bright Hawaiian Christmas, Ka Pilina, Quiet Nights, A Christmas Season’s Delight, Lei Ana and A Gallery. Hers is a voice crystalline, sultry, ethereal, powerful, touched with jazz and a multitude of color. She also has a huge following in Japan, where she performs often and has released Quiet Girl and Crossing the Blue on the Pioneer Record label and Pretty Eyes, from the Amuse Entertainment label. Bright has written and recorded multiple commercial jingles for Max Factor, NTT Japan, Sapporo Beer, Toyota and Japan Airlines.