Eddie Kamae in the LA Times

From the front page of the LA Times’ Travel Section is a giant picture of Eddie Kamae! The accompanying article is a story about the life and times of Eddie Kamae and his Honolulu.

Read the entire article online HERE!

Pick up Eddie Kamae’s latest Na Hoku nominated album, Na Keiki Mau Loa!

Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaii at the Hawaii State Art Museum

We were treated to a rare performance by Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaii this past September at the Hawaii State Art Museum! Here’s a video wrap-up, if you were unable to make it. Definitely check them out the next time they perform!

Eddie’s new documentary, Those Who Came Before, is now available! The film chronicles the story of a young Hawaiian `ukulele virtuoso’s journey of musical self-discovery and how it turned into a 50-year pursuit of Hawaiian cultural and musical traditions.…

For more music by Eddie and the Sons of Hawaii:

Also visit to see Eddie’s award winning documentaries about Hawaii and Hawaiian culture.

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