Robert Cazimero

DSC05621Robert Cazimero is very busy! He’s currently preparing for several shows throughout Hawaii, from performances at the Hawaii Theatre to the Maui Arts and Cultural Center! Here are the dates with ticket information below:

February 17  |  6:30PM

February 22  |  6-9PM

March 12  |  7:30PM

March 23  |  6-9PM

May 1  |  7:30PM

Get into the Holiday Spirit with Kupaoa & Mark Yamanaka

Join multi Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winners, Mark Yamanaka and Kūpaoa, as they team up for this one-of-a-kind holiday album. An eclectic mix of Christmas favor and holiday-inspired originals, A Gift of the Heart is sure to fill listeners with the whimsical magic of the most wonderful time of the year. Four of the season’s most beloved songs join nine new compositions written by the trio or their talented friends. Together the three deftly balance a serious reverence for the season with the joy and wonder that abounds during these special months. Even the packaging reflects their collective sense of fun, with a newly-composed Christmas poem weaving together the lyrics and translations for all songs. This unique assortment of songs is sure to become a new Christmas classic, treasured by generations to come. A Gift of the Heart is truly a gift from the hearts of these beloved musicians.


New Music Fridays!

6a00d83451b36c69e201b7c79ca1a2970b-800wiThe International Federation of the Phonographic Industry announced that beginning on July 10th, the global release day for all music will be on Fridays! Here are some quick factoids about the new industry standard:

  • An aligned single global release day for music takes effect on 10th July
  • Tracks and albums to be released at 00.01 on Fridays each week in more than 45 countries
  • Music fans will no longer have to wait for days to enjoy new releases

Here’s what the IFPI says on their website about the new changes:

Up until now, music has been released on different days of the week in various countries – from Mondays in markets such as France and the UK, through Tuesdays in the US and Canada and to Fridays in markets such as Australia and Germany. That will change on 10th July when new music will be released on Fridays at 00:01 local time around the world.

The move will mean fans can now get new music on the same day worldwide rather than having to wait for their own national release day. It puts an end to fans being unable to access music in their own country when it is legally available elsewhere, and the frustration that can cause.

Celebrate Father’s Day with music!

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21st! We hope you and your dads have a great time this weekend!

dfvfdIf you’re still looking for something to get dad, check out these awesome products and get some musical ideas that he’ll love!

Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo`ole – Wonderful World

Michale Keale – No Ka Beauty

Island Vibrations – Various Artists

Hawaiian Style Band – Hanau hou

Keali`i Reichel – Kawaiokalena

Robert Cazimero – Hula 2

Kuana Torres Kahele – Pi`ilani Maui

Rap Hawaii’s Genius DVD

At Home in the Islands DVD

IZ: Voice of the People

Or check out this iTunes playlist of music full of songs dad will love!


Tell Congress to Say NO to the Local Radio Freedom Act (LRFA)!

Tell Congress to Say NO to the Local Radio Freedom Act (LRFA)!

10352889_10153083856412905_4136833551235280608_n-1We at Mountain Apple Company want to work with radio, big and small, but they are keeping policies that prevent hundreds of millions of dollars from artists and labels by their lobbying efforts. Even foreign countries won’t pay what they collect as we don’t pay their artists for use of their music. The Local Radio Freedom Act aims to continue this cycle and deny fair pay for radio play!

Make your voices heard! CLICK HERE to find your Representatives and let them know that you do not support the Local Radio Freedom Act!

Thanksgiving Hawaiian Playlists!

unnamedHappy Thanksgiving!

We hope your Thanksgiving holiday is pleasant and full of great food and song! While you’re busy cooking, eating, and cleaning during this holiday, put on some fantastic Hawaiian music to make your holiday even greater! Leave the music choices to us with these three playlists of music:

Mahalo for supporting the music & happy holidays!

The Story of Kamalani

Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole sings a song called Kamalani, written by Larry Rivera, a songwriter from Lana’i. You may not know that there is a intricate story behind the song. Here’s the lyrics:

israel-bioWhere is my love, Kamalani
Please answer me, Kamalani
Puukaninui, Puukaninui
Oh here I am, Kamalani
Here in this paradise

Kamalani, Kamalani
Is this the fullness of heaven
Here in this paradise

Please come to me, Kamalani
When nights are still, Kamalani
You can hear the voice of Puukaninui
You’ll be together again

Kamalani, Kamalani
You’ll hear the sound of his voice
Here in this paradise

Larry Rivera shared with us the story behind this beautiful song:

“I was home ill with the flu, when the manager of Coco Palms, Grace Guslander, called to find out how I was doing. She always was concerned about “her children”. After finding out I was getting better she said, “Larry why don’t you write a song about the frog. Meleana Soong wrote a beautiful legend called The Legend Of The Frog and it would be wonderful if you could write a song for this legend”. After we talked, I said to myself, how am I going to write a song about a frog. Just then outside my window I heard a whistle coming from the trees. I looked out and saw a beautiful bird with a long tail and white chest. The bird kept singing and the tune was so clear and that’s when I put the words and music together.

The Legend Of The Frog tells of a place far above Wailua called Pihanakalani which means “The Fullness of Heaven”. Here lived Puukaninui “Great Singer”. He lived with his grandmother Kealohilani, a beautiful chieftess of high rank.

One day Puukaninui decided to visit Walua-Nui-Hoano, the ancient capitol of Kaua’i , a land taboo to the common people. Before leaving he was warned by his grandmother that he music return to pihanakalani before sundown. If he did not, he would surely be transformed to a frog.

It was there in Wailua-Nui-Hoano that Puukaninui met and fell in love with Kamalani, the granddaughter of a high chief. Kamalani means “Child of a Chief”. After declaring their love for each other Puukaninui suddenly realized that it was late in the day and remembered what his grandmother told him about being late in returning home. Before he knew it he felt a sudden sensation come over him and in a few moments he was transformed into a large frog, “Polokanui”. He was a large handsome frog, as handsome as a frog can be. He sat on a lily pad singing their favorite love song, for at the Coco Palms lagoon he found a haven. Kamalani knew it was Puukaninui even before she saw his mamo-shaped ila (birthmark) in the center of his forehead.

If you are a favorite of the gods, you can see and hear him some evenings as he sits on his lily pad serenading his beloved one. Some nights if you are fortunate, you might see Kamalani as she joins him in song.”

Hear the song for yourself on his album, E Ala E!

Last Dance to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Here’s a very touching article via the Huffington Post and KTVU Channel 2! A groom and his sick mother shared one last dance at his wedding to Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole’sSomewhere Over the Rainbow“. It was a truly special moment that was captured on the video above!

For more of IZ’s music and other great songs, visit the IZ Hawaii website!