The Ho’ea Initiative is proud to represent Brother Noland’s Hawaiian Inside Tracking as a committed project to the development and implementation of Native Hawaiian Cultural Awareness Programs. We recognize a need for the people of Hawaii, of all ages and walks of life to experience the beauty, practices and values of our Native Hawaiian culture. This is critical to both the Hawaiian identity and the relationship and understanding of our island ways through the visitor’s eyes. Cultural preservation and perpetuation must be shared to all to assure its appreciation to future generations who live and visit these islands. Through the Ho’ea Initiative, we can bring people of all ethnicities together into a positive environment of learning and sharing.

Moving forward with the Ho’ea Initiative, please join our network, as we stand committed to the vision of the future for our keiki.


Brother Noland


HO’EA Initiative
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HO’EA Initiative Organizational Background:

Hawaiian Inside Tracking

The Hawaiian Inside (HIT) began in 1996 as a high-impact life-enhancing program that took children of all walks of life outside—removing them from their routine environment, and usual comfort zone---using nature as the teacher.

Over the course of one week the participants would learn a variety of skills to live off the land and ocean. The participants learn how the early Hawaiians lived and existed in total balance and harmony on a tiny dot in the middle of the largest ocean. Resources were nurtured and never depleted. The early Hawaiians knew and followed the seasons and cycles of all things in the universe following a spiritual protocol we call aloha…

Permission, conservation, preservation…sharing and sustaining life not just for one’s self, but for the greater community…

The HI Program is a passionate effort to provide universal understandings inside all of us through indigenous knowledge and universal principles found outside in the natural world. We will provide the opportunity to increase every person’s peripheral vision and strengthen his or her whole mind-body-spirit complete-ness.

Since 1996 there have been many HI camps and workshops of all ages ranging from one day to one -week full immersion camps. Through the years Brother Noland along with some of Hawaii’s finest organizations, The Kamehameha Schools, the YWCA, The Pacific American Foundation, the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, The University of Hawaii, Palama Settlement, Kama’aina Kids, Ka’ala Farms, Leadership Kauai, aio Group, HSTA, PBS, have partnered to plant seeds of knowledge and offer opportunities for young people of Hawaii to participate in this outdoor program.  

Somewhere between the, I have and the to be, is a life that is struggling to know. The kai huki (undertow) is strong and we must first learn to au au (swim, take a bath) in order to understand the au kai (tides) of life.

The HI Program provides us all with an opportunity to make contact with ourselves, our ocean, our land, our community, our children, our elders, our peers, our consciousness, the very fabric that makes these islands a sacred and beautiful jewel of the world. We are all visitors when we visit the elements and we must respect, honor and exercise all the intelligences.

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.

John Muir

Ho‘ea Initiative - 2011 Kahua Dates

Hawaiian Inside Tracking – Myron Thompson Academy - Private
Wednesday, March 23rd - Ho'omaluhia - 9am-2pm (MTA)
Wednesday, March 30th - Halona (Sandy Beach) - 9am-2pm (MTA)
Wednesday, April 20th - Ho'omaluhia - 9am-2pm (MTA)
Wednesday, April 27th - Halona (Sandy Beach) - 9am-2pm (MTA)
Wednesday, May 11th - Ho'omaluhia - 9am-2pm (MTA)
Wednesday, May 25th - Halona (Sandy Beach) - 9am-2pm (MTA)
Wednesday, June 15th - Halona (Sandy Beach) - 9am-2pm (MTA)
Friday, July 1 through Sunday, July 3 - Molokai Camp

Kahua Na‘au
Open for Registration

February 18-20 – Molokai ‘Auana
April 8-10 – Molokai ‘Auana
July 18-22 – Molokai Huaka‘i
August 5-7 – Molokai ‘Auana

Kahua H.I.T. (young men’s and young women’s camp) –
Open for Registration

May 30-June 2 - Molokai
July 11-15 – Molokai

Kahua ‘Ukulele – Boys & Girls Club of Hawai‘i – Private
October 3-October 7