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Scent of a Woman
Scent of a Woman just ended its original TV broadcast in September 2011 as one of the highest-rated and most-requested Korean TV dramas of the year.

• Features actors Kim Sun-Ah, the main star from My Lovely SamSoon and Lee Dong Wook, the main actor from My Girl.

• Available in the United States for the first time.

• Features quality English subtitles.

• DVD set includes: Interviews and behind-the-scenes
(118 minutes, English subtitles). Learn More

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SALE: Celebrity Sweetheart
Lee Mari (Choi Ji-Woo) just wants to be loved – that’s why she became an actress. Now as the top star in Asia, she’s adored everywhere she goes, but her relationships never last more than 100 days. PhD student Chul-soo reluctantly agrees to ghostwrite Mari’s new book, and the two become increasingly close despite being from two different worlds. At the same time, Mari’s first love Woo-jin reenters her life. While Mari tries to deal with her tragic past and figure out her love life, the tabloids offer their own relentless spins, while her controlling boss just wants men – all of them – out of the picture. Learn More

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SALE: The Moon Embracing The Sun

Regular Price: $74.99

Special Price: $63.99

Set in a fictional time of the Joseon era, a chance meeting between the crown prince and a nobleman’s daughter gives rise to political strife, conspiracies and a fateful love that surpasses even death. Though chosen as Crown Princess, Heo Yeonwoo is torn from her rightful place and is forced to undertake a new life. Years later, the star-crossed lovers reunite as Wol, the secretive shaman, and King Yi Hwon, the man who lost his innocence with the death of his beloved. Learn More

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VolcanoScapes ... Dancing with the Goddess

"Dancing with the Goddess" is an odyssey of sight and sound that takes us into the lives of those intimate with Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes.

Dancing with the Goddess takes us into a new world of respect, wisdom and awe for one of the most amazing creations anywhere…. The birth of the earth! Emmy Award Winner, Mick Kalber has been documenting the current eruption of Kilauea Volcano since it roared to life in the mid-1980s. This two-hour epic takes viewers through thirty years of Kalber’s amazing volcanography. It’s the untold beauty of the world’s most active volcano… experienced through the eyes and voices of those who are most intimate with the Goddess, Pele.

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49 Days
A soul-searching story that touches and surprises at every turn, the Korean TV drama series 49 Days follows a young woman’s amazing journey between life and death – with some help from a motorcycle-riding Grim Reaper. Learn More

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Prosecutor Princess
Love, forgiveness, justice, and the perfect pair of high heels are just a heartbeat away in the delightful Korean TV drama Prosecutor Princess, another audience favorite from the creators of Brilliant Legacy and My Girl. Learn More

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The Navigators: Pathfinders of the Pacific

Restored & Remastered Edition.

Over 1,000 years ago, the scattered islands of Polynesia were settled by an ancient seafaring people. Where did they come from? How did they navigate across the vast Pacific Ocean to settle one-third of Earth's surface?

To find out, anthropologist Sam Low visited the tiny coral atoll of Satawal, in Micronesia's remote Caroline Islands, to film Mau Piailug as he guides his canoe by using subtle signs in the waves, winds and stars. In his lofty canoe house he teaches the intricacies of this ancient sea science in a ceremony called "unfolding the mat" by arranging 32 lumps of coral to represent the points of his "star compass."

Thor Heyerdahl thought Polynesia was settled from South America by voyagers who drifted aboard primitive rafts like Kon Tiki, pushed along by prevailing winds and currents. But he was wrong. The Navigators follows archeologists working on the Tahitian island of Huahine, in Fiji and Hawaii as they prove that Polynesia's settlers forced their way against the winds and currents from Island Southeast Asia aboard large seaworthy double-hulled canoes. In a dramatic demonstration, Mau Piailug guides a replica of such a vessel, Hokule`a, from Hawaii to Tahiti - 2500 miles across the ocean without benefit of sextant, compass, or any other Western navigational instrument.

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SALE: The Great Queen Seondeok Vol. 1

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The Great Queen Seondeok is the story of a charismatic queen who gives up her love to become the ruler of Silla and her people. With historical battle scenes, a star-studded cast and writer Kim Young-hyeon (Jewel in the Palace) helming the project, it is MBC’s follow-up historical drama to Yi San: Wind of the Palace (2008) and Ju-mong: Prince of Legend (2006).


During the Three Kingdoms period of Korea, Deokman (Queen Seondeok’s childhood name) was born as the younger twin to King Jinpyeong. However, due to a longstanding ominous prophecy regarding twins being born in the royal family, she was smuggled out and raised with no knowledge of her royal status. Years later, still oblivious to the truth of her birth, she fatefully ends up back in the Silla palace where she joins forces with Princess Cheonmyeong, her older sister, and Hwarang Kim Yushin to oppose Misil, a sly and conniving woman who holds substantial power in the court and wants the throne for herself.

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