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Release Date: 2010


Release Date: 2008


Release Date: 2007


Release Date: 2006


Release Date: 2004


Release Date: 2006

The first thing that strikes a person when they meet Donavon Frankenreiter is that they've probably never met a person quite like him before. From his genuine nature, to his big heart, to his all-around charisma, once you connect with his vibe you realize that he is truly unique. Donavon lives an incredible life, one that he never takes for granted. His vocations and drive have enabled him to live the one person's fantasy, as a reality.

First and foremost, you have Donavon the husband to his wife Petra and father to his sons Hendrix and Ozzy. Their love and presence are the driving force in his life, as can be seen by the beautiful tattoo of the three on his forearm. Next you have Donavon the pro-surfer, who has and continues to travel the world extensively surfing in some of the most popular and also most remote places on the globe. As a matter of fact, both Donavon's surfboard and guitar case have seen more places than most humans ever will. And of course, you have Donavon Frankenreiter the musician, who is about to release his third, and probably most important album to date titled Pass It Around (Lost Highway).


June 30, 2010

Donovon Frankenreiter on KGMB

Check out Donavon and "Revisited" counterpart Kirk Smart performing "Free" on Hawaii News Now's "Sunrise" show. Kirk is joining Donavon and the band on the current East Coast Tour, adding some Hawaiian flavors to Donavon's music!

June 22, 2010

Donovon releases 5th album "Revisited"

Aptly titled, Donavon Frankenreiter's "Revisited" is not just a re-recording of his 2004 self-titled album; it's a complete reinterpretation... with a Hawaiian twist.

Kauai Resident and professional surfer, Donavon Frankenreiter, lives an incredible life for which he is extremely grateful. His first recording was made with the aid of his long time friend Jack Johnson and spawned the AAA radio hit "Free". Teaming up with longtime band mate Matt Grundy (Bass/BGVs), and local musicians Kirk Smart (Guitars), and David Leach (Percussion), Donavon set out to re-record his debut album (originally released on Brushfire Records) using traditional Hawaiian instruments including the ukulele, lap steel guitar, and a Mauna Loa slack key tuned guitar.  The result is a fresh new take on the original that allows Donavon's envied lifestyle to ooze sweetly through the speakers, giving a completely new sound to favorites like "It Don't Matter" and "Free".

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