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Hawaiian Son: The Life and Music of Eddie Kamae
By James D. Houston with Eddie Kamae

Eddie Kamae, a leading force in the Hawaiian cultural renaissance of the past thirty years, has spent his life documenting and illuminating cultural traditions and old Hawaiian ways. Written by James D. Houston and interspersed with Eddie's recollections, HAWAIIAN SON charts the Hawaiian man's very personal odyssey across the backdrop of twentieth-century Hawai'i. Generously illustrated with historic photos and drawings, the 280 page book insightfully portrays in the influential kupuna, dancers, musicians, and storytellers who have guided Eddie on his lifelong journey. Herb Kawainui Kane, author of ANCIENT HAWAII says, "It's a great read... the kind of story that speaks to all peoples everywhere. And the writing is superbly crafted."

Those Who Came Before
Available September 27, 2011

Those Who Came Before tells the story of a young Hawaiian `ukulele virtuoso's journey of musical self-discovery and how it turned into a 50-year pursuit of Hawaiian cultural and musical traditions.

The documentary pays tribute to the music of Hawaiians whose gifts of knowledge helped guide Eddie Kamae. His pursuit led him to some of the most respected gatekeepers of the Hawaiian Renaissance: the great author and translator Mary Kawena Pukui, the "Songwriter of Waipi'o" Sam Li'a, "Aloha Chant" author Pilahi Paki, and Hawaiian cultural resource Lilia "Mama" Hale. One by one, they entrusted him with key pieces of Hawaii's musical heritage – inspiring him to understand, perform, and pass that heritage on to the children of Hawai`i.

Those Who Came Before: The Musical Journey of Eddie Kamae, is the 10th documentary from Eddie and Myrna Kamae's celebrated and multiple award- winning Hawaiian Legacy Series.

Li‘a - The Legacy of a Hawaiian Man
Now Available

Sam Li‘a was a Hawaiian song composer who spent his life in the remote valley of Waipi‘o on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. There he perpetuated the tradition of celebrating the beauty of one’s place and memorializing the events of its people. Among the musicians inspired by Sam Li‘a is Eddie Kamae, a major force in the revival of Hawaiian music. In this film, he translates his gratitude and love for Li‘a into a visual song, in which music, place and people find their original harmony.

Hawaiian Voices - Bridging Past to Present
Now Available

This award winning one-hour documentary by celebrated filmmakers Eddie and Myrna Kamae, pays tribute to the role of the Kupuna (elders) in preserving Hawaiian culture. It focuses on the legacies of three respected Hawaiian elders whose lives bridged the transition from older times into the late 20th century. They are Ruth Makaila Kaholoa'a, age 93, of the Big Island; Lilia Wahinemaika'i Hale, age 85 of O'ahu and Molokai; and Reverend David "Kawika" Ka'alakea, age 78, of Maui.

Ki Ho‘alu: Slack Key The Hawaiian Way
John Berger Review

This 1993 documentary film about slack key music and musicians on DVD provides fans and students of ki ho'alu a valuable source of information on that important genre -- and the opportunity to watch several slack key masters play as well.

Film producers Eddie and Myrna Kamae introduce ki ho'alu with a look at the things that make it uniquely Hawaiian. They continue with sections on slack key tunings, playing styles, the history and evolution of slack key and the gradual shift from traditional to modern teaching techniques. One section focuses on Niihau and guitarist Malaki Kanahele; another, on Big Island legend Fred Punahoa.

Ledward Kaapana is featured in several clips -- he plays in some and shares family history in others. George Kuo demonstrates the distinct difference in the sound of guitars played with standard and slack key tunings, Manu Kahaialii speaks at length on the spiritual aspects of the genre, and Raymond Kane retells the classic tale of how he discovered slack key while living in Nanakuli. Vintage clips of Gabby Pahinui, Alice Namakelua and the Sons of Hawai'i are some of the other highlights.

Some of the other performers won't be recognized as "names" in the way that, say, Kaapana and Pahinui are. That makes the Kamaes' decision to include them all the more important. Their voices and their approaches to ki ho'alu are also important parts of the larger story.

George Winston established a high standard of excellence for packaging and overall documentation of the artists and their sources with his Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters series of recordings, but most local record labels have been either unable or unwilling to match Winston's Dancing Cat label in providing background information in their CD liner notes. This DVD doesn't absolve record labels of their responsibility to properly document the recording they put out, but it is a great addition to any collection of modern Hawaiian music.

Ki Ho‘alu Slack Key The Hawaiian Way
Release Date: July 20, 2010

This film is a moving journey into the beauty and meaning of Hawaiian slack key music. Award-winning director Eddie Kamae's rare combination of master musician and cinematic storyteller is the key to showing how Hawaii's cultural traditions and the kio'alu guitar intertwine – and opening the door to a greater love of that music.

A One Kine Hawaiian Man - Luther Kahekili Makekau
Release Date: March 16, 2010

This award-winning, one-hour documentary pays tribute to the untamed spirit of a colorful and controversial Hawaiian man. Known throughout the islands and descended from a line of warrior chiefs, Luther Makekau was part philospher and part outlaw, a chanter and a singer, a fighter and a lover, a cattle rustler, a rebel and a poet. Born on Maui in 1890, during the reign of King Kalakaua, he lived nearly a hundred years, shaped by a century of turbulent cultural change.

Listen to the Forest - Coming Soon!

Listen to The Forest is an environmental documentary speaking to the widespread concern for rainforest preservation. It is about the Hawaiian Islands, and also about a Hawaiian way of feeling. A film for all ages emphasizing the powerful connection between a unique natural history and Hawai‘i’s rich cultural life.

celebrate the release of their new studio album
Yesterday & Today Volume 2

The Sons of Hawaii music spans generations with strong rhythm, lyrics and emotion … the heartbeat of Hawaiian sound.

From the traditional spirit of songs recorded yesterday to new arrangements and recordings of today, Eddie Kamae and The Sons of Hawaii’s new CD Yesterday & Today Volume 2 is a musical journey to savor.

Yesterday’s Sons of Hawai‘i, with leader Eddie Kamae and his exciting ukulele rhythm and distinctive singing voice, brought the group together with gifted composer, guitarist, and vocalist Dennis Kamakahi, bass and vocals by Joe Marshall and the steel guitar of David “Feet” Rogers.

Eddie Kamae and Today’s Sons continue to play traditional Hawaiian music with Mike Kaawa’s innovative 12-string rhythm guitar that heightens the sound along with Analu Aina’s bass, Ocean Kaowili’s 6-string guitar and Paul Kim’s steel guitar, bringing back the unmistakable sound of te original Sons.

Preview song: "Maka Ua"



Listen to the Forest

A One Kine Hawaiian Man - Luther Kahekili Makekau

Yesterday & Today Volume 2

1. Kololina and Kumukahi
2. Nani Waikiki
3. Rain Li‘ili‘i
4. Ho‘ina‘inau Mea Ipo I Ka Nahele
5. He Ho‘oheno No Hawai‘I Aloha
6. Na Makani ‘Eha
7. Hui Wai Anuhea
8. Na Ali‘I Puolani
9. Koke‘e
10. Ka ‘Elele I Wakinekona
11. Pua O Ka ‘Ilima
12. Hale Pule Ma Ke Kai