Nearly Seven Years have passed since Kainani Kahaunaele released her debut recording. Na‘u ‘Oe. The world has changed. Hawai‘i has changed, and so has Kainani. During these intervening years this gifted young woman has become a devoted wife, loving mother and respected scholar of Hawaiian language and music. It will take but a single listen for you to hear her growth as a composer, singer, and performer.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the composers of the past who have provided for us in their mele an insight to their times, ways of life, and ways of thinking. We must not forget ourselves that the compositions of today will be that historical record for generations to come. kainani has accepted this important kuleana. Whether written by Kainani or by another, whether written for her husband, daughter, family and friends, whether deeply romantic, introspective or humorous - each song gives us a very personal glimpse into her soul and her perspective of live in Hawai‘i today. I am certain that future generations will appreciate her insightful sharing as much as we will today.

- Keola Donaghy