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Licensing Requests

Mechanical License for Audio Projects

A mechanical license is the license that permits you to make compact discs or other mechanical reproductions which contain your cover version of someone else’s song on it without infringing the composer’s copyright. If the cover version you are making is a non dramatic musical work then Mountain Apple will issue you a mechanical license at the rate established by the Copyright Tribunal provided you deliver your request for a mechanical license within 30 days of the release of your album or single to the public. Otherwise, Mountain Apple may, but is not required to issue you a mechanical license.

If the cover version you are making is for a dramatic use, such as a film soundtrack or for use in a musical play then a different type of license must be agreed to by Mountain Apple and you before you can release your album or single to the public. If you are interested in a mechanical license, please fill out the attached form.

Synchronization License for Film, TV, Commercial

A synchronization license, or Synch License is the license that you need to use someone else’s song and/or recording in your television show, commercial, music video or movie. The term synchronization comes from the fact that the process involves synchronizing the recorded music to the visual image. All of the terms of a synch license must be agreed to before you can use a Mountain Apple song or recording. If you are interested, please fill out the form.

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