We have been very excited about IZ's recent success in Europe, specifically in Germany where it all started. This past week, Germany hosted their ECHO Awards which is their equivalent to our Grammys. Our leader and CEO Jon de Mello flew to berlin to accept IZ's award for "Hit Song of the Year" for "Over the Rainbow" and even in his busy schedule took the time to send us some of his behind the scenes photos along with a link for his and the Kamakawiwo'ole family's acceptance speech. 

Mahalo to ECHO, B1 Recordings and all of IZ's fans in Germany and across the world!


 Jon de Mello accepts the ECHO Award presented to Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo`ole for Hit Song of the Year -  "Over the Rainbow"


Kila de Mello, Jon de Mello and Wolfgang Boss of B1 Recordings 



Jon de Mello and Wolfgang Boss Accepting their ECHO Award.



So very Cool!



Jon de Mello and Wolfgang Boss on the Screen



Marlene and Wehi Kamakawiwo'ole


de Mello's translator

Jon de Mello's English Translator (since he doesn't speak German very well)


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