It became clear to me at an early age that music, particularly the voice, was something I had no choice but to develop.  It was a natural path for me to take. It also became obvious that I was born to dance hula.

Hula is a huge part of who I am. I dance hula; I study hula; I teach hula. I sing so people can express the music in this important form of dance that defines my culture. Hula extends the meaning of that music, tells its story physically and through the heart of its people.

Hula and Hula 2 have been labors of love. I was and continue to be humbled by their success inside the hula and Hawaiian music community; by the visitor to these lands and to fans of Hawaiian music around the world. I take this opportunity to thank you for your support, for your appreciation of the music and the dance.

For Hawaiians, coming of age in the 1970’s was a turbulent time, but for Robert Cazimero it was the time when he discovered himself and his life’s purpose…Hawaiian music and the art of Hula.  This discovery has taken him on an amazing journey.  While the journey was not without turbulence, his path became clear and he followed it to where he is today; at the top of his game in his music and certainly in the art of Hula.   

Robert’s twin passions have always been inter-related.  They are the threads that weave the intricate patterns that are Robert Cazimero.  His musical talent was recognized at the age of three, followed quickly with piano lessons while still in elementary school where his quickness endeared him to his instructors while his ability to vary and improvise astounded them.  Robert’s secondary education required participation in the Kamehameha Schools’ Concert Glee Club and Hawaiian Ensemble.  His knowledge of music deepened but more importantly, he came in contact with the person who would serve as his Kumu Hula (hula teacher), Maiki Aiu Lake and just at the right time for the Hawaiian cultural renaissance was blooming.  

And so it came to be that at the height of the Hawaiian cultural renaissance, Robert Cazimero was learning the art of hula from one of the most respected masters of the dance form.  Already known for changing the familiar sound of Hawaiian music, Aunty Maiki infused Robert with her vision of him starting an all male halau (hula school).  Men dancing hula as a halau was something that had not happened in decades.   She envisioned men dancing hula with pride and masculine grace and Robert soon shared this passionate image.

Over the ensuing decades Robert has realized Maiki’s dream again and again, dedicating his energy to the once vanishing tradition of male hula.  With the knowledge passed on from Maiki coupled with his own talent and passion, Robert has inspired hundreds of men to carry on this magnificent art form and continues to lead Halau Na Kamalei, known as the only all male hula halau that exists in the world today.

Robert’s elegant voice is so distinctive that whether he performs on piano or with his brother Roland as the Brothers Cazimero, he is instantly recognized and people are compelled to listen.  Recording music has also played a vital part of Robert’s life journey.   During that journey he has been a part of close to 40 full album projects; many considered classics in the history of Hawaiian music.   The popular success of the music he has made and participated in is recognized through dozens of awards, performances on the world’s most prestigious stages and the millions of albums that have been bought by people around the world. 

Robert’s passion and talent have played a huge role in taking Hawaiian music and dance to diverse stages from Carnegie Hall, Wolftrap, Tokyo, and the Hollywood Bowl; his voice has graced the orchestra’s of the New York Pops, the LA Philharmonic, the Boston Pops and of course, the Honolulu Symphony.  Hula is always an integral part of these shows as it is in all performances large and small of the Brothers Cazimero and whenever he performs a solo engagement. 

While it’s not too early to measure the impact of Robert Cazimero on the world of Hawaiian music and dance, it is way too early for Robert to stop creating for the passion continues as does his life’s journey on the path of hula and Hawaiian music and so we joyously present to you Hula, a collection of some of Robert’s favorite music for the Hula.

1.We Have Waited
2.This Old Chair
4.Chasing for the Rain
5.Lightning in the Sky
6.House on the Corner
7.If I Ask
9.Rainbow Me Home
10.Do You Know?
11.Here I Am
12.Here Comes the Night
1. Poli Anuanu
2. Home Pumehana
3. Mahai`ula
4. Sundown
5. Chasing for the Rain
6. Ho`onanea
7. We Have Waited
8. Maui Waltz
9. Do You Know
10. There's No Love
11. Lightning in the Sky
12. Pane Mai
13. If I Ask
14. Morning
15. Nani `A`ala Wale
16. Here I Am
17. Here Comes the Night
18. Skyflower (Pualani)
19. Aloha No
1. Oh Love / It Happens
2. Ke Ha`awi Nei Makou E Ke Akua
3. For Something Soft
4. Keola Kamahele
5. The Fool
6. Honolulu Moon
7. Parker's Song
8. Kanoe
9. Mauna`ihi
10. Lelehune Mai Ka Ua Kukalahale
11. Halau Hanalei
1. Poli Anuanu
2. Mahai'ula
3. There's No Love
4. Maui Waltz
5. Skyflower
6. ome Pumehana
7. Nani A'ala Wale
8. Pane Mai
9. Aloha No
10. Ho'onanea

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