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Tell Me You Love Me

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Kim Rae Won, one of Korea’s biggest stars, struggles to find his way amid lies and deceit in the heartrending TV drama Tell Me You Love Me. Byung-soo (Kim Rae-Won, The Grand Chef, Rooftop Room Cat) and Young-che (Yoon So-Yi, Goodbye Solo) have been inseparable since they were kids. After college, they even join the same film company to pursue their dreams together. Their boss Ina (Yum Jung-Ah, A Tale of Two Sisters) is an ambitious woman who has everything the world has to offer, but she’s unhappy with her relationship of convenience with Hee-soo (Kim Sung-Su, Lawyers, Full House), and she realizes she has missed out on true love and happiness over the years. Ina falls hard for Byung-soo’s innocent charm... and she’s willing to do anything to get him.

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