2008 "Tropic Rhapsody"
1. I’ll Weave A Lei Of Stars For You
2. Silhouette Hula
3. Kaimana Hila
4. Blue Hawai‘i
5. Red Sails In the Sunset
6. Sweet Leilani
7. Beyond the Reef
8. Tahauala
9. Pagan Love Song
10. Hanalei Moon
11. On A Tropic Night
12. Aloha ‘Oe

“Rendezous” - Teresa Bright Production,
To be released in 2008 Collabortive CD recording“Catching A Wave" - Kealohi Productions

“Hawaiinawa” - Teresa Bright Production,
Released 2007 Amuse Entertainment
Japan and Mountain Apple Company Hawaii

“Pretty Eyes” - Teresa Bright Production,
Released 2006 under the Amuse Entertainment Inc. Japan

“Ocean Blue” - Kealohi Productions

“Intimately” - Kealohi Productions

“Self Portrait” - Poki Records, Tropical Music Inc

“Painted Tradition” - Poki Records, Tropical Music

“A Bright Hawaiian Christmas” - Manu Records

“Kapilina” - Kapilina Records Hawaii and Pioneer LDC Japan

“Quiet Girl” - Pioneer LDC Japan

“Quiet Nights” - Dolphin Records Hawaii

“Crossing the Blue” - Pioneer LDC Japan

“Christmas Seasons Delight” - Row’s World Records

“Hula Heaven” - Dreamsville Japan

“Lei Ana” - Tropical Music Inc.

“Gallery” - Tropical Music Inc.

Collaborative CD Recordings

1990 Israel Kamakawiwaole - “Ka’anoi” Tropical Music, Inc -
Song: You needed me

1993 “Hawaiian Style Band” - HSB records, Song: Hawaiian Style

1995 Gontitn’s “Easy” Hipland, Music Japan, Songs: “Share the moonlight and A summers Melody”

1999 Lisa Ono “ Hula Bossa Nova”, Song: Aloha Oe

1999 Dontiki “Exotic sounds of Don Tiki, Song: Close Your Eyes

2000 Muriel Flanders, Song: Lanikai

2000 Aaron Aranita “One DayEastbound”, Song: Tell me why

2001 Don Tiki “Skinny Dip with Don Tiki”, Song: Heat

2004 Gontiti “X2004", Song: Ipoipo


1998 Learn to Play the Ukulele with Teresa Bright
Teresa Bright Production

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