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John Cruz & Jack Johnson

To celebrate the release of “Jack Johnson and Friends – Best of Kokua,” Jack has invited John and Paula Fuga on tour with him. They’ll each do their own sets and play some songs together as well.
Tickets go on sale at noon on Saturday March 3rd at the KCC box office, with a strict 2 ticket limit per person. Bring photo ID, since ticket vouchers are non-transferable. Check their website for other details.

They will be giving 7 performances all together on the islands of Kaua`i, O`ahu, Maui, and the Big Island. See our event page for more info on each show!

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Brother Noland’s Lessons of Aloha

On Saturday, March 31st, spend the day with Brother Noland and Malia Helala at the Still & Moving Center for: Lessons of Aloha!

They day will consist of several classes that will be full of fun and aloha!  Check out the schedule below for more details!


For more information contact Malia Helela at Still & Moving Center (808) 397-7678 or

Events are $20 each or $50 for the evening.

Brother Noland- Lessons of Aloha Talk Story Session $20
“Everything that happens to you is a lesson of aloha.” -Brother Noland

Weaving stories, narratives, and good old fashioned wisdom, Brother Noland shares some of the lessons of aloha he has learned along the way. His humorous and upbeat style is easy to relate to and his stories will compel you to think about ways to spread aloha in your own life. In this talk story session, Noland will share his `ohana song “Pa`ani” and also an oli (chant) from his family’s collection.

Brother Noland – Lessons of Aloha – `Ukulele Workshop (Papalina Lahilahi) $20
Bring your `ukulele and learn Papalina Lahilahi from the master of hula swing! Brother Noland will give an introduction to musical intelligence and methods of approaching music mathematically, poetically and rhythmically. For Papalina Lahilahi, he will cover much more than just the words and chords to this classic party hula. Participants will gain insight into how to infuse spirit and personality into their performance. The lesson will culminate with a group kanikapila during the Heroic Spirit Concert. Basic knowledge of `ukulele chords required.

Also happening from 5:30 to 6:30pm, there will be a Hula Workshop (Papalina Lahilahi) for $20. All levels welcome. Kumu Hula Mālia Helelā will teach the hula steps and motions to Papalina Lahilahi. A must in any hula dancer’s repertoire, this is one of the classic party hula songs that most musicians are guaranteed to play. Class will begin with basic steps and a warm up. Then we will delve into the meaning of each verse so that dancers can express themselves with great enthusiasm!

Lessons of Aloha – Heroic Spirit Concert $20
It takes a strong spirit to practice aloha in this day and age. Experience how Brother Noland puts his lessons aloha into practice through music. Students in the `ukulele and hula classes will have the chance to perform live during the concert. This promises to be an unforgettable evening of music and dance!

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The Brothers Cazimero, Hard at Work

The Brothers Cazimero have been super busy performing in recent weeks!

This past Saturday Robert & Roland were on stage in the Monarch Room of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel for the Holuku Ball put on by the Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu and on Sunday they headed to Hilo where they performed for the Girls Day Diva Festival, which they both said was GREAT!

The concert at the Monarch Room included amazing musical moments for the entire show, but the icing on the cake was when Robert & Roland were playing Waikiki with Marlene Sai singing and Bev Noa danced on to the stage with her exquisite brand of Hula. It was a moment! Nevermind that Nina Keali’iwahamana, Mahi Beamer and Princess Kawananakoa were in the audience with dozens of other Hawaiian luminary. This song was an experience where everything else disappeared and the magic took over.

Caz’s next big concert will be on March 23rd at the Hawaii Theatre! Get your tickets now! $25 for the entire house!

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Brothers Caz @ Girls Day Diva Festival

Robert and Roland with the Girls Day Diva Festival committee in Hilo last weekend!

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NEW IZ Digital Download – Fan Favs!

Aloha IZ fans! We’ve JUST released a new IZ compilation, exclusively for download at! It contains 10 fan favorite songs as well as a BONUS never before released track of Hawaiian Sup’pman, available ONLY through this special album download. Just click the link!

For those looking to share IZ with their family and friends, this album is a perfect selection of songs to introduce IZ into their world. Aloha!

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Uke Interviews for Japan





The ukulele is becoming more popular everywhere, and Japan is definitely no exception. Here’s some interviews for our Japanese fans!

Taimane Gardener -



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IZ T-Shirt

Singer Mike Keale wearing an IZ t-shirt at a music kiosk on Kauai. (Mike is IZ’s cousin and the nephew of Moe Keale!)

Get your own IZ t-shirt! ($14.99 to $16.99)

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Don Tiki Honored!

Congratulations to Don Tiki for the prestigious honor of being part of the LA Philharmonic’s Christmas concert series at the Walt Disney Concert Hall!

Tickets are currently available only to subscribers for the 2012/13 season, but we will post more info when tickets go on sale for non-subscribers!

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Brothers Cazimero in the Spokane Newspaper

Here’s some newspaper clippings that featured The Brothers Cazimero’s recent performance in Spokane, WA (with their symphony)! See the full article and review at: and (the paper later apologized and corrected Roland’s misnaming as “Roger”).

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The Rise of the Uke

Check out this article on the rise of the popularity of the ukulele due to artists like IZ and Jake Shimabukuro. Ukulele virtuoso Taimane Gardener is sure to rise its popularity even more with the release of her debut album later this year!


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