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I Respect Music.

1093812_10151910138818870_1524440381_oRaise awareness and proclaim that you respect music. The United States is the only democratic country in the world where artists don’t get paid for radio airplay. Let’s make a change, and tell Congress to support artists’ pay for radio play!

How you can help:

  • Sign the petition!
  • Tag #IRespectMusic on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and more!
  • Post a selfie with a sign saying “#IRespectMusic”!
  • Spread the message with your friends, family, and the world!

Learn more at

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In Loving Memory – Aunty Edna Pualani Farden Bekeart

We are saddened to share the news that Aunty Edna Pualani Farden Bekeart passed away at the young age of 95. She was a Mountain Apple songwriter and sister of famed Aunty Irmgard Aluli.

Amy Hanaiali’i recorded a few of her songs earlier in her career which delighted Aunty more than most could imagine.

She was a recipient for the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts Lifetime Achievement Award as well as the American Pen Women.

One of the best parts of working with Aunty Edna was that we received lead sheets with lyrics and music as well as the story behind each song. Another great thing was receiving a business letter handwritten in cursive (no matter how long the letter was) and always receiving a small gift when she visited!

Memorial information:

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“Stop short-changing songwriters”

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) stand up for songwriters & composers in an Op-Ed from The Hill!
op-ed_thehillEvery 1,000 plays of a song on Pandora is only worth about 8 cents to songwriters and composers! However, Pandora is only one company and we need to make efforts to update our nation’s copyright laws!

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“Pandora Needs to Do Right By Artists ” – More Support!

More support for fair treatment of artists! Check out this article from the Huffington Post by Blake Morgan, “Pandora Needs to Do Right By Artists”.

“Not long ago, a high-powered entertainment lawyer called to ask if he could meet with me. He said he had some big ideas that would help my recording career, and my label. I thanked him and explained that I had a lawyer I liked, a label I loved and that I was quite happy. He was eager and insisted I would find it valuable. So I decided to grab some coffee with him.

It turned out he did have ideas. Unfortunately, each one was either something my label and I were already doing, had already tried, or had thought of but wouldn’t want to do. After 10 minutes or so he got frustrated and said, “Okay, I can see now that for someone like you, it can’t just be any kind of help. It’s got to be the right kind.” I replied, “Well, yes — that’s what help is.”

If it isn’t the right kind of help, then it isn’t helping.”

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Pandora EXPLOITS Artists!

Support songwriters everywhere and spread the word about Pandora’s latest move to EXPLOIT the artists who create the music you love!!

The popular music service recently bought an FM radio station in a bid to further undercut songwriters! Currently they pay songwriters $0.00008 per song play!

“Pandora recently purchased radio station KXMZ-FM in Rapid City, South Dakota, in a bid to lower the licensing fees it pays songwriters and composers for public performances of their work. Pandora says this will help music creators and listeners, but the facts tell a much different story.”

For the full article, read about it on‘s website – support your songwriters everywhere and make your voice heard!

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Brains and Music, a Winning Combo!

Check out this super interesting article from the New York Times explaining why people love music so much! It gets down to the scientific reasons of why our brains react positively towards listening to music!
Why not create some positive brain stimulation with your favorite Hawaiian music from our website?
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Augie T @ Whole Foods Kahala!

Augie T with with Natalie of Whole Foods at Kahala Mall‘s Cruise Night Classic Car Show, June 8th!
Check out Augie T’s latest comedy DVD, “I Was Left Behind“!

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Mahalo to MAC’s own Francis Tam! (^_^) \m/

mahalo francis
MAHALO to Mountain Apple’s Francis Tam for taking all the awesome photos we posted from this year’s Na Hoku Hanohano awards!! (He takes most of the other event photos we post, as well!)

Here he is pictured with Kale Hannahs from Waipuna!

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Mountain Apple Co has a new Instagram…. Wanna follow? @mountainappleco #aloha #music #hawaii #mahalosĀ  \m/

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Mother’s Day with Weldon Kekauoha & Mark Yamanaka!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Weldon Kekauoha and Mark Yamanaka at the Moana Surfrider!

Brunch: $80
Champagne brunch: $88
Children(between the ages of 6 and 12): $40

MAY 12, 9AM – 1:30PM! Call 808-921-4600 for reservations.

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