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Makua Rothman Spotted in the Island Sun Weekly

Read this awesome article about Makua Rothman and his new album, SOUND WAVE, from The Island Sun Weekly by Dena Cassella! Read the full article here.

IslandSunWeeklyIssue5Jan30-1You can get Makua’s first full length album today on iTunes, or Pre-Order a physical copy, in stores February 4th.

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Kuana Torres Kahele Article – Star Advertiser

An article about Kuana Torres Kahele‘s love of the Ni’ihau shell lei from the Star Advertiser from a few weeks back!

Star Advertiser subscribers can read the full article HERE!

Don’t forget to pre-order his upcoming album, “Kahele” today!

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“Pandora Needs to Do Right By Artists ” – More Support!

More support for fair treatment of artists! Check out this article from the Huffington Post by Blake Morgan, “Pandora Needs to Do Right By Artists”.

“Not long ago, a high-powered entertainment lawyer called to ask if he could meet with me. He said he had some big ideas that would help my recording career, and my label. I thanked him and explained that I had a lawyer I liked, a label I loved and that I was quite happy. He was eager and insisted I would find it valuable. So I decided to grab some coffee with him.

It turned out he did have ideas. Unfortunately, each one was either something my label and I were already doing, had already tried, or had thought of but wouldn’t want to do. After 10 minutes or so he got frustrated and said, “Okay, I can see now that for someone like you, it can’t just be any kind of help. It’s got to be the right kind.” I replied, “Well, yes — that’s what help is.”

If it isn’t the right kind of help, then it isn’t helping.”

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Brains and Music, a Winning Combo!

Check out this super interesting article from the New York Times explaining why people love music so much! It gets down to the scientific reasons of why our brains react positively towards listening to music!
Why not create some positive brain stimulation with your favorite Hawaiian music from our website?
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The Green – “Take Me On”

Check out this article written by John Berger from the Star Advertiser about The Green‘s NEW ALBUM, “Take Me On“!
Take Me On” will be released August 20th, so look for it then!

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Kupaoa, “Bumbye” – Featured in Honolulu Pulse!

A review of Kupaoa‘s “Bumbye” from Island Mele by John Berger! “Kupaoa — the husband and wife duo of Kellen and Kalikolihau Hannahs Paik — go from triumph to triumph with their third album.

Check out the full article on the Honolulu Pulse website!  And don’t forget to check out and pick up your copy of, “Bumbye” – Now available!

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Kupaoa Featured in Midweek!

Check it out!  Kupaoa featured in Midweek’s “Musical Notes” with Bill Mossman, reviewing their album, “Bumbye“!  Mossman praises the husband and wife duo for their hard work and good music!

Read the full article HERE!  And don’t forget to get your copy of, Bumbye” – Available NOW!

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Sing the Body Featured in Island Sun Weekly!

Check out this new article in Island Sun Weekly on local artists, Sing the Body!

“First-timers watching Zack Shimizu and Elijah Oguma perform can’t help but mutter astonishments—who are these guys—and snake their heads back and forth, charmed by the beat. Defying what locals define as “Hawaii’s sound”, Sing the Body has been pulsating on the edge of Honolulu’s downtown music scene for nearly two years, bringing hungry crowds into multiple venues to feast on their alternative vibe and spirited stage presence.”

Read the full article at Island Sun Weekly, and don’t forget to pick up Sing the Body’s newest album, “Contrast“!  Available NOW!

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“Manawa” Article in the Star Advertiser!

Check out this review of Mailani‘s, “Manawa” by John Berger from the Star Advertiser! He loves it!  Do you?

Check out Manawa on our website!

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“Manawa” Featured in Honolulu Weekly!

Check out this new article about Mailani and her newest album, “Manawa” on Honolulu Weekly!

“Mailani keeps things fresh with newly composed mele, which fit well with the rest of the album. Songs like “No Koolau Kuu Aloha” effortlessly bridge the gap of time between contemporary and traditional Hawaiian music, and while such a feat is challenging, Mailani succeeds gracefully.”

Read the full article HERE!  And don’t forget to pick up your copy of, “Manawa” today!

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