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“Slack Key Travels” Featured in Honolulu Weekly!

Check out this quick article about local slack-key guitarist Jeff Peterson and his newest album, “Slack Key Travels” in the Honolulu Weekly!

Compositions by the artist himself have the effortless leisure typical of Hawaiian ki haalu (slack-key music), yet bring musical flavors from all around the world, like flamenco flair in “Polipoli” and paniolo rhythms in “Evening ‘Ehukai.” For each track, Peterson maintains a considerable discipline and does not compromise his deep slack-key roots.

Read the full article HERE!

And don’t forge to check out and pick up your own copy of “Slack Key Travels” on our website, today!

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Robert Cazimero in Honolulu Pulse!

Robert Cazimero‘s Hula 2 was recently reviewed on the Honolulu Pulse.  Should Beyond The Reef be on another album?  Do you agree with John Berger?

Read the entire review HERE!

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Midweek Article – Taimane’s take on Quinoa!

Taimane shares with Midweek‘s Diana Helfand one of her favorite recipes for quinoa in Midweek’s “Food & Dining / Heart-Y Chef” section!

“Ukulele artist Taimane Gardner turns to quinoa to keep her going after a long night of performing songs from her latest CD and first solo effort, Ukulele Dance.

For those new to Taimane’s music, Ukulele Dance is a mix of originals and cover songs. Some covers are blended into medleys that Taimane describes as “going from Led Zeppelin to Beethoven.” It’s the ukulele like you’ve never heard it before.

Taimane’s early influences include her mom, a singer from Samoa, as well as Jake Shimabukuro, who was one of her teachers. When Don Ho discovered her as a teen street musician in Waikiki, a professional music career was born.

Today, Taimane is busy promoting Ukulele Dance, touring and performing, and writing songs. She’s also introducing the ukulele to new audiences around the world via social media channels. Her Taimane’s Toccata, which gives Bach fresh appeal, has more than 580,000 YouTube views to date.

She says growing up in Aina Haina inspired her love of Japanese food.

“I’m still learning the ropes of cooking, but when I come home after a gig, this is what I make. Sometimes I add wasabi into the mix to give it more bite. The avocado refreshes while the warm quinoa fills you up.”  “

-Check out the FULL ARTICLE online as well as the recipe for Taimane’s own quinoa bowl, HERE!

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Manu Boyd featured in Honolulu Pulse!

Check out this article about Manu Boyd‘s new solo debut from the Honolulu Pulse!
Purchase your copy of his new CD, “Mele ‘Ailana” today!

Click HERE to read the full article!

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Honolulu Weekly article on the Brothers Cazimero!

Check it out!  Robert and Roland Cazimero featured in an article in Honolulu Weekly!

“Forget the British Invasion. To anyone who was around during the Hawaiian political and cultural renaissance of the late 1960s–’70s, our homegrown, long-haired boy bands will always be first in our hearts. Take those cute, sweet-voiced Brothers Cazimero, Robert and Roland.” 

-Read the rest of the article HERE!  And don’t forget to check out all of the Brothers Cazimero’s hits at the Mountain Apple Company’s website!

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Na Leo featured in Midweek!

Check out this article in Midweek by the Heart-y Chef, Diana Helfand! It features Na Leo and talks about the release and a recipe by Nalani Choy!

And don’t forget to check out Na Leo’s, “Romantic Waikiki“-available now!

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Manu Boyd featured in Hawaii Business Magazine!

Check out this article online from hawaiibusiness.com featuring Manu Boyd!

“Manu Boyd believes in honoring the old, but embracing the new.

“There’s no reason why things Hawaiian can’t be cutting edge,” says Boyd. “We need to remind our people we have to be mindful of who we are and where we come from. My way of doing this is more in the social sense to make it a fun, lifestyle thing. Embracing culture doesn’t always have to be academic or museumlike.”

That’s the approach Boyd has taken over the past five years as cultural director of Waikiki’s Royal Hawaiian Center at Helumoa.”

CLICK HERE for the full article!

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Raiatea Helm, InsideOut

Raiatea Helm was featured in this month’s InsideOut Hawaii magazine! Check out the link to read the article! And don’t forget on November 17th, Raiatea will be at Chai’s Island Bistro performing songs off of SEA OF LOVE!


Hawaiian Airlines will be there filming for their video magazine that night! Come be a part of history!

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Kuana’s Secret Recipe!

Check out this week’s Midweek for a special recipe from Kuana Torres Kahele, his mother-in-law’s Chicken, Spinach, and Mushroom Quiche!

What are some of your favorite recipes?


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Raiatea Helm on AAA Magazine!

Raiatea Helm is on the cover of the September/October issue of AAA Magazine! Here’s a link to the article: www.hawaii.aaa.com/hi_westways/2011-09-10/Pages/culture-club.aspx?zip=96826&stateprov=hi&city=honolulu

Raiatea just released her new album, Sea of Love, on October 4th! It’s available at www.mountainapplecompany.com/new-releases/sea-of-love and you can preview a streaming version here: www.mountainapplecompany.com/raiateaseaoflove/. Stay tuned for more!

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