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“Manawa” Featured in Honolulu Weekly!

Check out this new article about Mailani and her newest album, “Manawa” on Honolulu Weekly!

“Mailani keeps things fresh with newly composed mele, which fit well with the rest of the album. Songs like “No Koolau Kuu Aloha” effortlessly bridge the gap of time between contemporary and traditional Hawaiian music, and while such a feat is challenging, Mailani succeeds gracefully.”

Read the full article HERE!  And don’t forget to pick up your copy of, “Manawa” today!

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“Slack Key Travels” Featured in Honolulu Weekly!

Check out this quick article about local slack-key guitarist Jeff Peterson and his newest album, “Slack Key Travels” in the Honolulu Weekly!

Compositions by the artist himself have the effortless leisure typical of Hawaiian ki haalu (slack-key music), yet bring musical flavors from all around the world, like flamenco flair in “Polipoli” and paniolo rhythms in “Evening ‘Ehukai.” For each track, Peterson maintains a considerable discipline and does not compromise his deep slack-key roots.

Read the full article HERE!

And don’t forge to check out and pick up your own copy of “Slack Key Travels” on our website, today!

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Honolulu Weekly article on the Brothers Cazimero!

Check it out!  Robert and Roland Cazimero featured in an article in Honolulu Weekly!

“Forget the British Invasion. To anyone who was around during the Hawaiian political and cultural renaissance of the late 1960s–’70s, our homegrown, long-haired boy bands will always be first in our hearts. Take those cute, sweet-voiced Brothers Cazimero, Robert and Roland.” 

-Read the rest of the article HERE!  And don’t forget to check out all of the Brothers Cazimero’s hits at the Mountain Apple Company’s website!

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Soul Sound Studio in Honolulu Weekly

Honolulu Weekly featured a handful of local independent music studios a few weeks ago, which included Soul Sound Hawaii, the studio that produced Alternative HI! Operated by Alt HI Producer Shawn Moseley and Chief Engineer Kelli Heath (who also has a track on the upcoming album!)


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