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Yesterday & Today

Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaii

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Legendary musician and filmmaker Eddie Kamae is an icon for traditional Hawaiian music both past and the present, a rare stature not many can uphold. Yesterday and Today, is his first recording of new material on CD in over 25 years, reaffirming his stature with 6 brand new songs, and classics from the momentous Sons of Hawai`i era. Features renowned musicians like Rev. Dennis Kamakahi, Joe Marshall, David "“Feet" Rogers, Moe Keale, Mike Kaawa, Ocean Kaowili, Paul Kim and Analu Aina.

1. Ka `Opae
2. Ku`ulei Na`u Ia
3. E Ku`u Morning Dew
4. Kehaulani
5. Ua Nani `O Nu`uanu
6. Maka Ua
7. Kawika Slack Key
8. Ka Lama `Ae One
9. Punalu`u Nani
10. Kanaka Waiolina
11. Mauna`olu
12. Sweet Haha `Aia Ka Manu

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