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Box Set Sleeve_ Vol 1-3
Music for the Hawaiian Islands Volumes 1-3

This is a collection of Kuana Torres Kahele’s first three entries in his Music for the Hawaiian Islands Series. Included are Volume 1 – Hawai`i Keawe, Volume 2 – Kahelelani Ni`ihau, and Volume 3 – Pi`ilani Maui. Each album is a true gem of Hawaiian music, proven each time these albums debut and chart on […]

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The Music of Merrie Monarch!

We saw awesome performances from this year’s Merrie Monarch Festival. Now we want to turn up the volume on the competition and spotlight the artists that performed! We put together a list of just some of the musical talents that were present at this year’s festivities! Go over and check it out now!

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Bryan Tolentino and Herb Ohta, Jr
`Ukulele Friends

Available now! `Ukulele Friends is an instrumental collection of twelve popular Hawaiian and Hapa Haole melodies by long-time pals and celebrated ukulele artists, Bryan Tolentino and Herb Ohta, Jr. Teaming up diametrically opposite master musicians with radically different methods and style proved fortuitous for `Ukulele Friends, as these artists share an unbreakable bond in their […]

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