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Pi’ilani Maui

NOW AVAILABLE! Pi’ilani, Maui, is the island of Valleys and of Roses, and for Kuana, a land of inspiration. From mountain to ocean with valley after succulent valley, he finds himself enticed by Maui, always lured on. Oh Beauty of Maui, it is for you that he sings. Pi’ilani Maui is a volume of 11 […]

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Stream Amy & Willie K Reunion on Soundcloud!

Amy & Willie K Reunion is up for preview on our Soundcloud channel! Check it out to hear all the songs from the album and many more great tracks from our other artists. Here’s a preview of the entire album: Let us know your favorite song from the album! We might upload the full song […]

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Low G Cover
Low “G”

Available February 10, 2015. “Low G” by Hawaii’s master ukulele artist and instructor, Kimo Hussey, is an instrumental collection of favorites hailing the harmonies created by the sound of the “low G” string. Like many islanders, Kimo grew up playing the ukulele. Inspired by a favorite uncle, he developed a deep passion for the tiny […]

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