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Pihana...the skillful gathering of life's experiences, the accumulation of desires and dreams, and the realization of our on-going commitment to honor our 'aina, kupuna and 'ohana.

It has been my unique privilege to observe and experience the remarkable ancestral gifts bestowed upon this young, strong, and vibrant Hawaiian woman- a Kumu Hula who skillfully weaves ancient tradition into the modern fabric of her daily life. Napua strives for pihana in everything that she does and in doing so, inspires everyone around her to do the same.

Such is the power and the promise of pihana.

-Keali'i Reichel

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"Mohalu – to be at ease, comfortable, at liberty. As our lives contain many layers, the same is for Mohalu. Mohalu is also the 12th night of the lunar cycle, an eve where planting flowers would be ideal, as these blooms would grow as full and as perfect as the moon on this night. The mana’o (idea or thought) behind Mohalu represent what this sophomore project is for me.

This song selection unfolds to reveal different petals, if you will, of my life. My own mele (songs) are attempts to communicate my inner most feelings in hopes that there are others who can identify with my struggles and my joys."


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E Hula Mai Kakou

"Musically gifted, well blended, and pleasing to the ear, three voices, one sound bring together the warmth of the sun..."Na Leo Pilimehana" known today simply as, NA LEO! In a first time effort of a Hawaiian and Hapa Haole recording, these three native beauties now entreat us, the listener, to exquisite vocal blends and rich harmonies.

The songs were composed by natives of the soil, of incidents in their lives, making this musical presentation, Hawaiian. The singer's excellent harmonies shared with the listener, extends their natural warmth.

From the definite up beat rendition of "Don McDiarmid's "Do the Hula", to John "Squeeze" Kamana's enchanting "Pua Mae'ole", this, is all hula. Add to the collection several new compositions and you have a winner!

Then if that's not enough add the Kahauanu Lake and Maddy Lam composition, "Misty Rains and Lehua", with the sophisticated ukulele playing and chord progressions of Walter Kawai'ae'a (Kahauanu Lake's hanai son), creating a beautiful blend with soloist, Lehua Kalima.

So if you're just listening or wanting to hula; Eo e Hawai'i....E Hula Mai Kakou!" -Kahaunau Lake

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Ka Manawa Pono
Enjoy the beautiful ukelele and falsetto stylings of Uluwehi Guerrero. It's classic-style Hawaiian music with modern fidelity! Learn More

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Strength to Survive
FREE DOWNLOAD for all preorders!
Preorder Strength to Survive, and we'll email you one of the songs off the album!

Reggae band SOJA's highly-anticipated label debut on ATO Records, produced by John Alagia (Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, O.A.R).

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Rising in Love
Lehua Kalima of Na Leo Pilimehana releases her first solo CD!

Rising in Love is classic Lehua. Original, rich in romance and supported by an amazing band featuring Shawn Pimental on guitar & drums, Michael Grande on keyboards & piano, Imua Garza on electric & acoustic guitar, Randy Aloya on bass, Kaleo del Sol on guitar & vocals, Jay Dee Mannes on pedal steel, Michael Paulo on - saxophone and Jon Porlas on percussion. While still performing as a vital part of Na Leo, Lehua Kalima spreads her wings releasing this much-demanded solo CD debut.

Lehua’s talent extends beyond the sultry tone it lends to the group’s sound and her lyrics have been award winning and memorable. Prevailing with three Na- Ho- ku- Hanohano Awards for Best Song of the Year in 1996 for “Flying With Angels,” in 1999 for “Rest of Your Life” and in 2001 for “Saving Forever,” Lehua thrives in an unmatched category as a lyricist.

While at Kamehameha Schools, Lehua Kalima joined with two good friends, Nalani Choy and Angela Morales to form Na Leo Pilimehana. In their senior year, they won a huge radio competition in Honolulu, Brown Bags to Stardom, playing in front of thousands at the Waikiki Shell. Nineteen albums and 20 Na Hoku Hanohano awards later, they continue to record and perform throughout the world.

For more Lehua, please visit: Learn More

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Aia I Hi'ialo
Aia I Hi`ialo is the long awaited debut CD by Hi`ikua, which features 6 original songs as well as traditional favorites.

In a culture that honors the legacies of the past, this Hawaiian trio of talented musicians pays homage to their roots while creating a unique and progressive sound that leaves their mark in contemporary Hawaiian music.

This worldview is the essence of Hiikua’s music, which is either composed or performed by Kalehua Krug, Kamuela Kimokeo and Blake Leoki-Haili. The group’s name derives from the Hawaiian word that literally means “to carry on one’s back.” Hi`ikua accepts this responsibility and intends with each song to achieve that goal: to speak of their history in words and music; to enjoy each moment of that expression, and in sharing this with you, to hope that their message will find its way into the future.

The music on Aia I Hi`ialo reflects the fond memories of Hi`ikua’s parents and grandparents, the things that they taught, and the messages that they shared. These memories are often the source of inspiration for mele that are written to help remember important life lessons. Learn More

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Dance is universal. Regardless of what language or culture you call your own, if you witness hula, you always identify it with Hawai‘i. This small speck of land, in the biggest ocean on Earth, connects Hawai‘i with the world and often that connection is through hula. We are not confined to dance hula with just our feet. What brings hula to life is that the hands as well as the music, tell the story of the people of Hawai‘i. The music resonates from our hearts and souls and comes to life with hula.

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Kaunaloa, the greatly anticipated solo release from Na Palapalai’s Kuana Torres Kahele. This collection of primarily original compositions showcases his talent as a songwriter and impressive vocal ability as a solo recording artist. Kuana’s melodies are as refreshing as they are intoxicating. Kaunaloa, meaning “to persevere,” is Kuana at his best, providing a musical journey that will both enrich and excite the world of hula and Hawaiian music.

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The founding members, Kuana Torres Kahele and Kehau Tamure, celebrate 15 years together as Na Palapalai with this exceptional release. Nanea combines new original mele from the duo with hula favorites touched by their falsetto magic. The 24 page booklet contains both the Hawaiian and English translations and incredible scenic shots of both Kuana and Kehau throughout their Big Island home. Contains the hits, "Ka Nae Pakalana" and "Ho'oipo Hula (Ipo Hula)." Learn More

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Visit for Songs, Lyrics, Photo Gallery and More!

On the heels of Mailani’s self-titled debut solo album, which garnered her the prestigious “Female Vocalist of the Year” Award, comes her brand new CD entitled `Aina.  (English translation: Earth, land)   With her feet well planted in the “‘aina,” this brave artist continues to challenge herself with each project. Mailani is originally from the very successful, award-winning group, Keahiwai, and the rocking trio, Mighty J.  Her first CD proved that she had the ability to succeed as a solo artist.  Her sophomore album ‘Aina gives us much more.   ‘Aina includes some of the expected contemporary swagger which her fans and radio will love, but there is also something really surprising here that takes Mailani to a whole new level as an artist.   Her delivery of some traditional Hawaiian pieces will impress and delight anyone who loves Hawaiian music. Here is a modern Hawaiian woman who knows how to entertain and have fun and here too is a Hawaiian woman with the depth and respect for the generations that came before her.    ‘Aina is both gorgeous and entertaining. Another big step forward from an artist that continues to “Wow.”

For more information:

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Amy Hanaiali'i and Slack Key Masters of Hawai'i

A ground breaking collaboration between Hawaii's top selling female vocalist Amy Hanaialii and top performers/composers Jeff Peterson, Cyril Pahinui, Dennis Kamakahi, Sonny Lim and Chino Montero in the slack key guitar tradition.

One of the wonderful things about music is its ability to bring people together to share a connection that reaches beyond borders and boundaries. Music can immediately bond souls and create common ground. What happens when kindred spirits who share a deep respect for each other and Hawaiian culture come together to share their music in collaboration? We believe this recording is a great example of just this – creativity, camaraderie, spontaneity, passion, joy, laughter, gratitude, and above all aloha. We hope this recording is as much a joy to listen to, as it was to create.

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Nā Palapalai's highly anticipated new album, Ha'a!

Free download available, see below!

2012 brings us to our newest release, HA'A. It is a tribute to our fans whom have somehow, Mahalo Ke Akua, become a Hawaiian music army, worldwide. Your unwavering support humbles us every day. We also dedicate this to all the hula dancers around the world, in countries we could have never dreamed of. It is for you that we sing.

We Aloha you all. The shy, keiki hula, the serious competition hula dancers, the ones who kaholo when they clean their hale. It is for you that we sing.

If you Kalākaua in the shower, we bid Aloha to you. Mahalo to the Aunties dancing hula in the front row with a beer in one hand and smoke meat in the other. It is for you that we sing.

We most humbly offer you, HA‘A. Now get up and dance.

--Nā Palapalai 2012

Kuana Torres Kahele & Ioane Burns

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Greatest Hits 2: WEB EXCLUSIVE
Available only on Mountain Apple!

I have always been in a 50th state of mind. This is my area code. (808) Through the years my musical passion and focus has always been about elevating the Contemporary Imagery of Hawaiis multi-cultural music...

It can both enslave and inspire you at the same time. Learn More

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My Father's Granddaughter

My Father’s Granddaughter came at a turning point in my life. During the process of recording this album my father passed into his next journey. Lloyd Gilliom, my father, grew up on the road with my Tutu Jennie. She would instill in him three of life’s most important qualities that he later would pass on to me: Humility, Kindness and Love. As I tour the world sharing Hawaiian music, I am thankful that my daughter Madeline was able to spend time with my parents who became instrumental in helping me raise her in today’s world. I would often witness my father teaching Madeline the same life lessons he taught me. Never a dull moment in the Gilliom `Ohana. Beautiful how the circle of life works.

NOTE: This CD can only be shipped within the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience!
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Na Leo 25th Anniversary Collection
Out of stock

Na Leo's 25th Anniversary Collection is a 2-Disc project, dedicated to all the fans who have touched the hearts and lives of Nalani Choy, Lehua Kalima, and Angela Morales, the members of Na Leo. This CD features the most popular songs by Na Leo from the past 25 years, and even one new song, "Our Hawaii"!

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Hawaiian Holidays: Christmas With Na Leo

"Once again, Nalani Choy, Lehua Kalima, and Angela Morales speak to our hearts with their unique combination of sounds, story lines and finesse. Sparkling new gems interspersed with golden classics offer the listeners an eclectic array of holiday treasures.

Their characteristic blend, always sweet and angelic, has been a trademark from their humble beginnings as members of the Kamehameha Schools Concert Glee Club. Today, Na Leo Pilimehana is a household name, not only here in Hawaii, but internationally as well. And yet, with all the accolades with have come their way, they remain as humble and grateful as the day they started. Mele Kalikimaka!" - Randie Kamuela Fong

This is an enhanced CD with a bonus video of Hosana (Ua Mau) - PC and Mac Compatible!

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Slack Key Travels
"Mele Pana, or songs of place, are an important part of the repertoire of music from Hawai‘i and have guided me time and time again as I discover new ways of expressing my aloha for this precious land. Even when I have traveled far from home I still feel a connection to my island roots. I offer this music with deep gratitude to the islands and people of Hawai‘i for shaping the landscape of my soul and being the source of so much of my musical inspiration." - Jeff Peterson

Internationally acclaimed guitarist Jeff Peterson has established himself as one of the leading slack key guitarists of his generation taking the music from his roots in the ranch lands of upcountry Maui to concert stages around the world and the big screen in the recent Oscar-winning film The Descendants starring George Clooney.

For more information on the artist and songs on this recording please visit Jeff's website at

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For Love

"For Love, sounds like it should be the aural equivalent of a particularly slushy rom-com. Thankfully the Maui-born songstress has avoided the temptation to drench her lovelorn lyrics with sickly sweet melodies and schmaltzy strings, and instead has impressively managed to produce a genuinely warm and effortlessly summery record which might even charm those who curse the Feb 14 celebrations...A quietly seductive affair, For Love suggests that when it comes to the ‘female Jack Johnson' label, Colbie Caillat may now have some competition." -Jon O'Brian, Rovi

Anuhea's signature guitar rhythms and song writing weave soul, R&B, jazz, and reggae to achieve a seductive pop sound with an independent attitude ala Lily Allen and Gwen Stefani. Her debut album 'Anuhea' hit the top ten on the iTunes Pop charts and World Billboard Charts. In 2010 Anuhea won Most Promising Artist and Contemporary Album of the Year at Hawaii's prestigious Na Hoku Hanohano Awards. She performed alongside her inspiration Jack Johnson at the Kokua Festival in Honolulu, and headlined two U.S. Tours backed by her friends, reggae band The Green.

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Hula 2
It became clear to me at an early age that music, particularly the voice, was something I had no choice but to develop. It was a natural path for me to take. It also became obvious that I was born to dance hula.

Hula is a huge part of who I am. I dance hula; I study hula; I teach hula. I sing so people can express the music in this important form of dance that defines my culture. Hula extends the meaning of that music, tells its story physically and through the heart of its people.

Hula and Hula 2 have been labors of love. I was and continue to be humbled by their success inside the hula and Hawaiian music community; by the visitor to these lands and to fans of Hawaiian music around the world. I take this opportunity to thank you for your support, for your appreciation of the music and the dance.

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